Monday, November 17, 2008

You can't look away

You must visit this blog.

Cake wrecks

As a baker of cakes, I am always nervous about someone "judging" my cakes. After looking at this site for about 2 hours the other night, I have a new confidence in my cakes. My favorites are the ones where people have obviously put on the order form "I want sprinkles" and they write it ON THE CAKE! Check it out. It will make you giggle.

In other news, Dean has grown approximately 3 feet over the weekend and is currently sitting in baby jail with a Victoria's Secret bag on his head. Whatever floats your boat, man.


AJU5's Mom said...

Did you see the pregnant woman one - that one was scary! Who would want to eat that?

Anonymous said...

I giggled when I saw the monkey one. Is that the one you planning to do for Dean"s b'day? That's as far as I got. I'll check the others later.

Auntie M

Derek T. Pickens said...

Can we have a bake off this summer? We could get others to join in and have a giant competition and eat lots of cake! :^)

Anonymous said...

Those are some strange cakes. Did you get the bag off Dean's head?!?! PLEASE tell me it isn't a plastic bag! I'm coming to get him!


Hotch Potchery said...

I LOVE Cakewrecks!

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Cake Wrecks is AWESOME. Thanks for the laughs!