Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

I have so much to give thanks for this year. The following list hits the highlights, which are pretty momentous. I hope wherever you are that you're having a wonderful, restful holiday. Leave a comment and tell me what you're thankful for this year.

*My mom's kidney transplant. If you haven't heard her story, you should. (Visit my December 2007 archives) The generosity of her donor, Bradley, the amazing success of her transplant, the wonderful care of her doctors...we couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift last year. She truly has a new lease on life.

*Dean. Oh, Dean. In all the years I dreamed of having a baby, I never could have imagined one as perfect as the one we got. He is a perfect blend of Marcus and me and I adore him more each minute. Truly the biggest blessing of my life.

*Our new home. What a great thing to own the place you live, to make it yours and put down roots. The move to Montevallo was a good one.

*My husband's job. He's a wonderful teacher and he's finally in a place where he's not stretched in so many directions that he can't find his head with both hands. He has a great support system and is flourishing as a professor. His job provides us with enough to live the life we've wanted to live for a long time.

*This blog. Especially since our move, this blog has provided me with an outlet for my emotions, friendly feedback from all my readers and a place to call my own.

*Coffee. Because man, oh, man, was I missing it this time last year!

I hope your year has been as blessed as mine. Happy Thanksgiving.


meredith said...

Amen Sister!!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that you, Marcus, and Dean are here with us! This has been a very special year for our family, and I thank God every day for all of the blessings He's given us. I love you so much.


AJU5's Mom said...

Those are great things to be thankful for. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Yay for coffee!

Oh and kid, husband, house etc etc.

Happy American Thanksgiving!

CarpeDM said...

Oh. This is really sweet. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Very good things to be thankful for! Hope your holiday was as good as mine. It was so hard to come home. :)