Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home again, home again, but not for long

Holy clingy baby, Batman! Over the past 2 days, Dean has developed some serious separation anxiety issues. He wants all mommy all the time. Cute? Yes. Charming? Sure. Flattering, even? Absolutely. Also back-breaking, exhausting and sort of annoying when you would like to do something like go to the bathroom or eat. Poor guy.

This week the official holiday madness starts. We came home from my mom and dad's armed with Christmas decorations and serving platters. However, I think we forgot the big box of ornaments they gave us. (Poo! We somehow managed to accidentally steal 3 of my mom's outfits from the closet, though. Woops.) We did make off with the small Christmas tree that was in my room for years and years and years. It is now sitting happily in Dean's room. We decorated it as soon as we got home this afternoon. He likes to look at it while getting his diaper changed. This week, we'll go get our big tree for the family room. We're going with an artificial one this year. (Don't want to tempt bugs or vacuum needles...though a real tree would be nice...maybe in a few years when we host the holidays at our house.) We'll be spending the week before Christmas with Marcus's parents in VA, then flying back to spend Christmas with my family in MS. Then it'll be back home for a round of New Year's guests and Dean's first birthday party. And then I will need to go to the spa.

AND as if that all weren't enough, we're hosting a Christmas party for some of Marcus's students! This weekend! AAAAAAH! Who wants to babysit?


Heather said...

Ooooh, pick me! Pick me! I want to babysit!! :)
I seriously might come up this weekend and keep him if you can't find anyone else.
I need some Dean time!

Anonymous said...

Dean is clingy because you're the best mom. Wouldn't he love having Heather babysit?! That would be fun!


Derek T. Pickens said...

So I know you'll probably be doing family stuff, but if you get bored and want to see me when you're in VA just let me know! :^)