Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some fun things my little boy has done this week

Taken this picture of me, which, except for the fact that I have no mouth or chin, ain't too shabby.

Ridden in a duffle bag. You know, because the 2 million and 20 toys scattered on our floor are just not enough to hold his attention sometimes.

Ok, this picture does not do justice to what happened here. Somehow, Dean's right leg ended up in the left leg of his PJs and the right leg was just kind of hanging over to the side. I have no idea what's going on at the top, but it kinda looks like a toga.

Become obsessed with (and fearless about) the stairs. He crawls to them all the time and tries to climb. We finally had to build a barricade. And yes, we sang a song from Les Miz while we built it. Because we are JUST THAT GOOFY!

Done a little light reading. See the red thing? It's his new "book rack." (see the proper use of quotation marks there, by the way?) It's really a magazine rack, but I got it for 68 CENTS at the Target dollar spot to keep his books for him. And he dumps it out. And swims in the sea of books. And it is precious and makes me oh, so proud that he would rather look at books than do almost anything else these days.

Fallen asleep on his daddy. In bizarre positions.

Cheered for the Crimson Tide against LSU. He said overtime makes him nervous.

Played in the leaves. Which makes him super happy and giggly.

Worn cute old-man-style Spiderman flannel PJs. And apparently begun practicing yoga.

How's your week going?


Heather said...

I'm with Dean: books and Alabama football! What more do you need in life?

AJU5's Mom said...

AJU5 loves the stairs - she is great at going up (if she doesn't get distracted) and is working on her downs. She also loves the books! She is a speed reader though!

What has she done this week?

Other than not sleeping well (we think it is molars...)...
Became fascinated by the (new) light in the entry - which we installed while she was sleeping.
Rediscovered splashing in the bathtub (she had been too busy playing with her ducks to splash the last few weeks)

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm leaving right now to come and eat his face off. What a smart boy Dean is! And the cutest baby in the whole wide world. I could be biased since I'm his grammy, but I don't think so.


Art Nerd said...

GO Dean! He's so precious!

Lucy learned to sit up in tripod position! And eats cereal twice a day. This week has been a little hard- we're trying to find a schedule that works well with the two solids-in-quotation-marks feedings. :)

Melissa said...

Ew! Quit torturing that precious baby with all of that Alabama stuff! I know you moved there and all, but you grew up between LA and MS. Even though I can't stand Ole Miss (sorry Mr. Frank), I could at least understand it, but you should really be buying that baby LSU clothes! Just because he loves you and he's too little to do anything about it doesn't mean that it isn't killing him inside.

Jen: Ok Dean-o, let's put on our Alabama shirt and hat!

Dean: (Thought bubble) Ugh, I hate maroon. It washes me out. I really wish Mom would buy me something with really cool colors...maybe purple and gold.

Heather said...

Melissa: It's not maroon, it's CRIMSON...come on girl, get it right!! :)
and Jen...I'm SO with you on the guitar lessons. But I doubt I can drive two and half hours every week to take them with you. Maybe we can take them separately then practice together sometime? We can have speaker-phone practice sessions. But I'm not singing.

Anonymous said...

He's so darn cute!

Auntie M

Derek T. Pickens said...

I hate it when friends give you new blogs to get "addicted" to. :^)

Sheri said...

He is so cute! And so happy, except when he was nervous about overtime,lol.