Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Common annoyances and other unusual problems

Even though I'm in a good mood today, I think I'll do a list of pet-peeves. Heather recently did one on her blog, so I'll follow suit.

Dean is happily standing in his new and improved baby jail holding on with one hand , flinging toys with the other and sporting new, snazzy Spiderman flannel PJ pants, so I think I have time to post!

1. The misuse of quotation marks. This must be a problem for others, too, because there is a whole blog devoted to it. I read this blog for hours on Sunday and it had me laughing so hard I cried.

2. The fact that the site of my epidural STILL HURTS from time to time, even ten months after it was administered. Other moms (or people who have had spinal anesthesia), do you have this problem? You know, though, even though this pain flares up from time to time, I am still SO glad I had that epidural!!!

3. Stepping in gum. Didn't your mom teach you to save the wrapper to spit it in!?!? I mean, really.

4. The fact that Dean WILL NOT keep socks on his feet for more than 10 minutes at a time. His little toes felt like ice when he got up from his (short) nap today.

5. The word "playdate."

6. The fact that my feet do not reach the ground on airplanes, at the movies, in restaurant booths or even now, on my own couch.

7. My dishwasher is broken. GRRRRRRRRRR. Mama no like dishpan hands...

8. College students who think they know more than me. This is particularly challenging when you, uh, teach college.

9. When my mother says "nourishing." This has always irked me. I think she does it on purpose sometimes. (She is now leaving a comment using that word. Look for it.)

10. People looking at and remarking about my food when I'm the only one in the room eating. This used to happen a lot with a woman I worked with. She was a total foodie but was on Weight Watchers, so she would hover just over my shoulder and sniff at my food. It totally grossed me out and I'm pretty sure I lost more weight than she did because of it.

11. Earwax. Bleh.

12. Unsweetened iced tea. I have tried, believe me I have. But the southerner in me will win every time. Put some sugar in that stuff!

13. One-sided friendships. I hate these. I have lost 3 good friends (or people I thought were good friends) as a result of one-sided friendships. Here's what I've learned: You can only give so much.

14. Yo Gabba Gabba.
Go ahead. Watch the video. Tell me you're not scared. DEAN LOVES THIS SHOW.

15. I covered this in my 100 things list, but I feel it merits mention in this one, too. I HATE when people spell things with a K that should be spelled with a C. (Krunchy Krispies, Kountry Kitchen, etc.) The only exception is Krispy Kremes, because they are JUST THAT GOOD!

Ok, enough of that. Lists are always fun. I think this one was really prompted by the epidural site hurting because MAN does it hurt today.

On a brighter note, Dean and I went to play with the play group for the first time today and had a swell time making new friends. It has thrown our nap and eating schedule off for the day, but who cares, right? (Ask me again at 8pm...)


AJU5's Mom said...

I NEVER felt my epidural site. So, I must be lucky! I might have felt it when it went in, but I don't remember...

Although my feet do hit the ground (I have long legs), I love to sit Indian style. I hate it when arm rests are not far enough apart though to make this comfortable!

Hotch Potchery said...

I haven't had an epidural for 17 years, but I don't remember it hurting afterwards.

I am in such an awful mood, I better not start an annoyance list, or I may never stop!

Anonymous said...

You leave me no choice. You really should lay off the Krispy Kreme Donuts and eat Rice Krispies. They're more nourishing. Notice I didn't use any quotation marks. That is one of my pet peeves.

I sure do love you,
J :)

Papa said...

You should tell "Cliff Huxtable" to "fix" the dishwasher. If he doesn't, call a "plumber" yourself.

You're a "big girl" and can "do that".


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

I've never heard of someone having "post-epidural pain". I don't...maybe 'cause my "c-section scar" STILL throbs away at least once a day, so it "distracts" me.

Am off to read the blog about quotation marks - yipee!

Heather said...

Loved your list. The gum thing ticks me off too. I mean, who just spits their gum out on the ground. Gah! I think mean people do it just to ruin someone's day!!!

Anonymous said...

What IS yo gabba gabba???
I watched the video and immediately was reminded of Tele-Tubbies, had to stop it before it finished. And why do the littles one love the programs that we can hardly stomach?
Ditto on the gum thing.

Auntie M

Giyen said...

All I have to say is "MOTORING!!!!!"

you've successfully replaced the song in my head. is it an improvement? not sure yet. lol.