Friday, May 18, 2007

Greetin's from WV

Thought we got lost, didn't you!?!?! We are here! (well, I'm here, Marcus arrives at11 tonight) Internet access is almost non-existent right now. Something is wrong with our cable connection, so until that is fixed, no wireless in the condo. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! And yes, I"m losing my mind without it. I get about 15 mins. a day on a computer in the office. Fortunately, the guys in the big ski house the company rented have internet now, so I can come down here.

ANYWAY...West Virginia is absolutely beautiful! I've never seen so many hills. And it is COLD! It actually sleeted a little today. I could live without that! The condo is great. 3 bedrooms, very cozy. Great view off the back porch. Yesterday I saw a bunny out there and then looked up to see a gorgeous rainbow in the sky! At the theatre site yesterday (in a Nat'l Park, by the way) I saw a beaver. Good times.

This has been pre-production week, so the tech staff and my assistant, Megan, and I have been hard at work getting things ready for the first rehearsal on Monday. I'm looking forward to meeting the actors and getting started on rehearsals. I promise to post a picture as soon as I can use my own computer to get online. I have some beautiful nature shots and some cool ones of the theatre spaces. I also have some cute ones of baby Adam. :)

Hope all's well with everyone!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

T-Minus 1 week!

Our time of departure is creeping up on us QUICKLY! We realized last night (then we panicked a little) that 1 week from tonight, we leave! Marcus will be back to teach another few days of classes before re-joining me in WV for the remainder of the summer, but A WEEK, y'all! The apartment, while cleaner than it's ever been, is unbelievably cluttered. There are piles everywhere. Books we need, research for the shows, my stage management kit and such. And there's still so much to do. Get the mail forwarded. Get haircuts. Pack clothes! AAAAH! I kind of gave it all to Jesus last night and accepted the fact that everyone there will probably be wearing the same 6 shirts all summer, so I'm going to try REALLY hard not to over-pack. I can always go to the mall or the super Wal Mart when we get there and grab a couple of t-shirts. The interesting part of my packing will be my dress for Meredith's wedding. Driving down with it will be a snap--it can hang in the back. I'm still figuring out what to do with it on the plane to Alabama.

Ok, back to it! Keep your eye on our blog for lots of pictures and info about West Virginia coming soon!!!

Oh, and for the Adam fans out there, we'll be stopping through Springfield to visit the other Lanes on our way to WV next week, so I'm sure between Grandma Claudia and me, we'll be armed with a whole new bunch of cute baby pictures!!