Friday, May 23, 2008

Scattered Thoughts from a West Virginia Stage Manager

1. I am craving Taco Bell something fierce right now.

2. In rehearsal today we have killed 3 McCoys, 1 Hatfield, beaten another Hatfield, impregnated 1 McCoy, sung 1 Christmas Carol and argued over ownership of a pig. Good times there.

3. When killing the Hatfield, we didn't have rehearsal knives, so we used sharpies. Hot.

4. I should not be allowed to drive. Ever. It took me 5 tries to park the van today when returning from the bank at lunch break.

5. I may eat Chik-Fil-A every day this summer. I had honestly forgotten how good it is.

6. If Berkshire's Frozen Custard doesn't have peach as the flavor of the week pretty soon, I'm gonna cry. I mean, really, who eats Maple Walnut custard?????

7. We move to the park a week from today and open in 2 1/2 weeks. Someone hold me.

8. I got to go home and kiss my baby at dinner break, so the day wasn't a total wash. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

3 cheers for David!

I am quite thrilled to report that my Idol boyfriend, David Cook, WON! I was shocked and I think he was, too. I really thought Archuletta had it in the bag, especially given the fact that all teenage girls are in luuuuuuuuuv with him. But they gave it to the rocker. Sweet. I really may have to buy tickets to the tour this year...

All continues to be well in WV. Deano is hanging out with his Grammy, unless I bring him to work with me. He came to rehearsal last night and charmed everyone for a while before passing out on one of our ASMs. We get done early this evening, so we actually get to go out to dinner! Counting the days til Marcus arrives...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My mom said I'd better blog

...and I'm not one to disobey! Deano and I are wrapping up our first week in WV. It's fun to be back and good to be working again. The administrative and tech staff have already fallen in love with Dean as he charms him daily with his ways. Today he decided to show us how well he could poop. It was ALL THE WAY up his back. And when I turned my head for a second to get a baby wipe (or 8), I turned back to see him waving at me with a handfull of poop. EW. One of the costumers and I had to wash him in the bathroom sink. Oh, good times, good times. Being a "single mom" is HARD and I don't think I could have made it through this week without the amazing support of the lovely folks at TWV. We're living with one of our favorite members of the dance company and he's a rock star with Dean. He also has a 25 pound cat. THE CAT WEIGHS 25 POUNDS! And he's sitting on me right now. My feet are asleep.

Speaking of sleep, Dean is doing it like a champ! He went to bed at 7:30 last night, stirred at 1 for a bottle, then slept on til 6:45 this morning! YAAAAY! I'm so glad he's such an adaptable little guy. I've been feeling really guilty that he has to sit in his bouncy seat a lot at work (you know, the 20 minutes a day when someone's not holding him?) since he's used to having my undivided attention all day long. Tonight we came home and had some quality bonding time. He had a bath to wash off any remnants of the big poop, then we cuddled up for some songs and story books. He passed out at 7. I'm not sure whether or not I'll see him again this evening...but I may be in for an early morning.

I miss Marcus terribly. He will join us on June 7, when he's done with his finals in NY. Being apart is always hard, but now that Dean's here, it's even harder. But my mom comes on Sunday, so that will be wonderful, and as busy as we're both going to be, the time should fly.

Next Thursday will mark a year since I discovered I was pregnant with Dean. It's a little nostalgic being back here, since we were just starting at TWV when we found out. (You know, I see a bathroom and go "oh, I threw up there." :) ) Prep week's been good so far. One of my assistant stage managers started with me this week and we are having a blast working together. Company members are starting to arrive and everyone's excited to get going. It's shaping up to be a great summer!

PS. I left my camera in NYC. I know. Marcus will bring it. In the meantime, I'll go get a disposable one soon because we need Dean pictures!

PS2: I'm wearing makeup daily for the first time since Dean was born and my pores are NOT happy! I have a pimple approximately the size of Mt. Olympus on my chin. EW.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh, Mama

I enjoyed my Mother's Day gift from my mother in law yesterday (a bit early, I know). She treated me to a one-hour Swedish massage at a glitzy spa in the DC area. Can you say "heaven?" The room was cool--lots of pretty blue tiles and nooks and crannies bearing fun displays of seashells, figurines and flowers. (I love a good nook and cranny, don't you?) My favorite feature was the twinkle-light ceiling! It was like looking up into a starry sky. (not that I had my eyes open that often) The best part was that the massage therapist didn't try to talk to me. I hate it when you're getting a massage, usually to escape from the reality of your life, and the person wants to ask all kinds of questions about your job and such. Jen does not want to talk to you about her job. She loves her job, but is currently trying to let her mind turn to mush and enjoy the lovliness of hot towels wrapped around her shoulders. SSSSHHHH! Anyway, Elizabeth, yesterday's massage therapist, was quite lovely and quiet. Yee haw.

Shameless plug time: If you have never had an HERBAL WRAP, schedule one for yourself NOW. (unless you're claustrophobic. Then it might freak you out.) When I worked at Cornell, I received an amazing gift package from a local spa as an opening night gift. The herbal wrap intrigued me, so I scheduled one. Oh. My. Lord. They put you on a table covered with a huge, soft, fluffy body towel. Then they proceed to cover your entire body with steamy, warm towels which have been soaked in essential oils and smell like ripe grapefruit (or the scent of your choice if citrus ain't your thang). THEN they wrap you in this foil thingy (that's the claustrophobic part) and bake you under some sassy heat lamps (no UV rays, just warmth). The best one I've ever had involved the massage therapist sitting at my head continuously rubbing my scalp and keeping warm towels on my face. It's best if you can have a massage after the wrap because you're all loose and relaxed already. Then you have to go home and go to bed because you are officially jello for the rest of the day.

So if you're still looking for a mother's day gift, birthday gift, gift because it's Saturday, or spiffy splurge for yourself (or would like to drop some subtle hints to the man in your life), there ya go. You will thank me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shake it up, baby

So, I experienced my first earthquake today! Its epicenter was in Northern Virginia, not far from where Marcus's parents live. Dean and I were here in their house, I was reading my blogs, he was enjoying a THREE HOUR NAP (it's hard to be a baby, ok?) when I suddenly felt a little BOOM! I honestly thought the moving truck that had been parked across the street had backed up into the garage. I glanced out the window and all was as it should be, then checked the pantry to see if something had fallen and quickly forgot about the boom. Dean never moved. Then the 5 o'clock news tells me it was an earthquake measuring 1.8 on the Richter Scale! Hm. Who knew? Never a dull minute.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

And happy 4 month birthday, baby Dean! It kind of seems like he's always been here. But on the other hand, it seems like yesterday we found out we were expecting. He is celebrating the day by napping in his ridiculously cute Elmo overalls.

On a totally unrelated note, I discovered last week that the Super Wal Mart in Alabama where I will do a lot of my shopping carries JELLO PUDDING POPS!! And banana popsicles. The search is over. Hallelujah.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here goes nothin'

The relocation has started. Dean and I are nestled comfortably in DC at Marcus's parents' house where we'll spend this week on our way to WV. Marcus left this morning to go back to NYC to open his show. (We miss him A LOT.) I feel like I'm in limbo. Living out of a suitcase isn't my favorite thing to do, but it'll be ok for a week. It's weird to be between homes. My main concern right now is Dean's comfort. He's just started sleeping through the night (more or less) and I'd hate to screw that up by changing his environment every week. Fortunately, he seems comfortable here at his grandparents' place and is eating like a champ. Either he's growing or preparing for a career as a competitive eater. Marcus and I said a surprisingly tearful goodbye this morning. We'll see each other again in early June when we meet in Alabama to close on our house. Then he'll come to WV to join us for the summer. He has so much to do to finish out the school year in NYC that the time should fly by for him. (2, count 'em 2 shows to open in 3 weeks!) It's never been fun to be separated from him, but now that we're a family of 3, it's really tough. But soon we'll all be together in WV, then in our new home!

Speaking of our new home, I just realized I haven't posted an update. Remember that cute yellow house we were gonna get? (Go ahead...scroll down to a few posts ago and refresh your memory. Ready? Ok.) It fell through. We were able to have our inspection done while we were still in AL last week and we found quite a few things that needed a lot of attention (furnace, HVAC, etc.--all big ticket items). Long story short, it wasn't worth it. So, on to #2 we have moved! Truth be told, we're starting to like this house better anyway. It's not as big (3 beds 2 baths, formal living room, huge den, eat in kitchen, DECK!), but it's move-in ready and everything from the appliances to the paint to the carpet is brand spankin' new! The same inspector will check it out on Tuesday and assuming all goes well, we'll close on June 2. I have officially made us superstitious now, so I will wait to post a picture of it until we have the keys in our hot little hands. (You understand, right? Besides the suspense will make sure you come back!)

In the meantime, I've got a rep season to get ready for! On Saturday, my dear in-laws will drive Deano and me to WV and we'll get set up in our house there. I start pre-production week on Monday, then rehearsals start the next week. I'm looking forward to going back to work, though I'm sure it's going to be a crazy adjustment after being home for so long. My mom and her new kidney are coming for 3 weeks until Marcus gets there to take care of Dean while I work. (Oooooooooh, thank you thank you Bradley for giving my mom her life back so she can come and take care of her grandbaby...and her daughter!) I am hopeful there will be round steak and gravy and possibly a chicken rotel casserole at some point during her stay. (hint, hint, Mom:) )