Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh, Mama

I enjoyed my Mother's Day gift from my mother in law yesterday (a bit early, I know). She treated me to a one-hour Swedish massage at a glitzy spa in the DC area. Can you say "heaven?" The room was cool--lots of pretty blue tiles and nooks and crannies bearing fun displays of seashells, figurines and flowers. (I love a good nook and cranny, don't you?) My favorite feature was the twinkle-light ceiling! It was like looking up into a starry sky. (not that I had my eyes open that often) The best part was that the massage therapist didn't try to talk to me. I hate it when you're getting a massage, usually to escape from the reality of your life, and the person wants to ask all kinds of questions about your job and such. Jen does not want to talk to you about her job. She loves her job, but is currently trying to let her mind turn to mush and enjoy the lovliness of hot towels wrapped around her shoulders. SSSSHHHH! Anyway, Elizabeth, yesterday's massage therapist, was quite lovely and quiet. Yee haw.

Shameless plug time: If you have never had an HERBAL WRAP, schedule one for yourself NOW. (unless you're claustrophobic. Then it might freak you out.) When I worked at Cornell, I received an amazing gift package from a local spa as an opening night gift. The herbal wrap intrigued me, so I scheduled one. Oh. My. Lord. They put you on a table covered with a huge, soft, fluffy body towel. Then they proceed to cover your entire body with steamy, warm towels which have been soaked in essential oils and smell like ripe grapefruit (or the scent of your choice if citrus ain't your thang). THEN they wrap you in this foil thingy (that's the claustrophobic part) and bake you under some sassy heat lamps (no UV rays, just warmth). The best one I've ever had involved the massage therapist sitting at my head continuously rubbing my scalp and keeping warm towels on my face. It's best if you can have a massage after the wrap because you're all loose and relaxed already. Then you have to go home and go to bed because you are officially jello for the rest of the day.

So if you're still looking for a mother's day gift, birthday gift, gift because it's Saturday, or spiffy splurge for yourself (or would like to drop some subtle hints to the man in your life), there ya go. You will thank me.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That sounds like total heaven!!! haha I also prefer when my massage therapist doesn't talk to me, but sometimes I have to pipe up if it hurts too much (like the last massage I had, where I felt bruised for days - never getting the same woman again!!)

Anyway, it's so cute that you named your cat after Audrey! haha I LOVE Audrey...especially Breakfast at Tiffany's, my favourite movie. If I had a cat I would perhaps name her Holly Golightly. ;) haha

Michael Walker said...

I miss you guys so much. Are you headed back to TWV for sure? Cause I would love to come and see you and Deano!!