Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sweet relief!

The day we have all been living for here at TWV finally arrived--Grease opened on July 17! This means no more rehearsals, just shows each night at 8pm. Your picture of the week features Marcus in his Vince Fontaine costume. It is truly something to see. The show is a blast and the opening night audience went insane. It rained, so we had to hold curtain for an hour, but it finally stopped, so we got to do the show. When the crew went out to dry the stage, the audience cheered. We had over 1100 in the audience, including 2 busloads of Red Hat Society ladies. They sang along and danced to the music. It was a lot of fun. We do it again on Friday.

Just in time for the schedule to lighten up, the first trimester of pregnancy has ended! The morning sickness has GREATLY decreased, though the dizziness seems to be sticking around. At least we can get a normal amount of sleep now. The belly is growing, though my first trimester weight gain was only 1 pound. (Marcus's first trimester weight gain was 5 pounds.) I think I lost a little due to the morning sickness, so while I shaped up a little around the sides, the belly started to protrude. I'm pretty much exclusively in maternity pants now, mostly because they are SO comfortable!

Hope this finds everyone doing well. We should have a lot more time to go on adventures now, so we'll keep doing picture of the week!