Saturday, November 8, 2008

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

First of all, let me commend all of you on your FUNNY captions yesterday! I think I'll make this a weekly thing. I even got all creative yesterday and got some PRIZES donated! Look at me go. From now on, if you leave a caption, you'll be entered in a random drawing (translation: Marcus will draw a name out of a hat) to win the coveted prize.
This week, however, I have to declare a winner based on what I found to be the funniest comment. And the winner is.....Eva at Surprised Suburban Wife! Her comment really captured our family's sense of humor. I laughed out loud. Really hard. My husband, who claims he doesn't read my blog OR laugh out loud, was sitting at his computer and started to giggle. I looked at him, shocked, and he said "This is the comment that should win."
So congrats, Eva! Email me your address--I've got a little happy for you and Megan!

Ok, enough with the italics already. I really got into reading blogs while I was pregnant. A few of my friends kept them before that and I started mine a couple of years ago as a way for friends to keep up with Marcus and me while we were in WV for the summer, but I didn't become the blog freak that I am today until I discovered the wonderful ones on while gestating. Those led me to a few of their bloggers' personal sites, which led me to others through the comments section, and so on. For a while now, I've been toying with the idea of upgrading to Typepad. I'd like to ask for that to be a Christmas gift from Marcus (it's a paid service). The features are attractive to me and I feel like it might help me generate more traffic and give my blog a little more personality. I also want to ditch the "marcusandjenlane" part of my blog address, since I've done an overhaul and made this blog my own, rather than just a family record. I'd love to have "" be my address. I have considered doing Typepad's free 14 day trial, but it seems like a real hassle to direct everyone over there, then possibly back over here if I end up not being happy with it. Plus, I'm no internet whiz (shocking, I know!), so 14 days is probably not long enough for me to get everything situated like I'd want to.

Anyone out there use Typepad? Do you love it? Give me some feedback. Others who are on Blogger, are there features I am not using to the best of my abilities? Should I stick around here?

Hope everyone has a peachy weekend! I will be leaving in a few hours with Heather and Auntie M for a GIRLS' DAY! Oh, Lord, how I need a girls' day...


AJU5's Mom said...

Well, I just use Blogger, b ut I know you can get your own domain name and just point your blog to it. Academomia does that ( and Also, if you know how to use word, you can create HTML files to add things to your webpage. We use Gallery 2 for pictures on our family site (my husband created the site, but the Gallery part is pretty easy to use).

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

My company has a deal with Wordpress so that's what I've had to use for the past 6+ years. My personal blog is on Blogger, though, because I can easily customize it and I like its features. I don't have any Typepad experience.

You know, I just remembered there's a discussion over on the NaBloPoMo website asking people which blogging site they use and why. Maybe it will help you make a decision.

If this link to the discussion doesn't work right, shoot me an Email and I'll send it to you...

NaBloPoMo discussion

Anonymous said...

I know nothing of these things, I just want to read your blog. :)

Have a great day with H and M!

Love you,

Hotch Potchery said...

If you decide to switch, I will be curious how it turns out. I am sticking with blogger, but I would like a cooler "template"...

Surprised Suburban Wife said... I've dreamed of typepad. Not sure why, exactly, but I think it's like you - the blogs I love to read seem to use typepad. Let us know how the switch goes if you do it, Brave Soul!

Heather said...

Had sooo much fun with you on Saturday. We need to do that more often! :)
Here's to the first successful girl's day!