Wednesday, November 5, 2008

10 whole months

My baby boy is ten months old today. Let's reminisce, shall we?


Here he is!

Six days old

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

5 months old

6 months old

7 months old

8 months old

9 months old

10 months old! Daddy and Mommy love you, Dean!


Anonymous said...

What precious pictures of our boy! Ten months already! This is a nice trip memory lane.

Love you,

AJU5's Mom said...

He is so cute! And boy, doesn't time fly with these little ones. A year ago they were still in our bellies and how they are very mobile!

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Super cute! And when you put the pics like that I can really see that Dean has your eyes/forehead! Cool:)

Papa said...

Papa loves that boy too!!!!

I miss you Dean-o. Hope to see you soon!


Heather said...

Ooooh, look at all the cute Deanoness going on in this blog!!! Adorable!! :)

Melissa said...

So cute! Happy ten months.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how quickly he's grown! And how much he's changed in 10 months. He's such a big boy! I can't wait to hear more stories about Dean or to see more pictures of him! It's wonderful to watch him grow up! You should be very proud of all the pictures you've taken of Dean. They will be a lot of fun to look at when Dean's older!