Monday, November 3, 2008

100 things

I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, so here ya go!

  1. I was born in Jackson, Mississippi.
  2. My birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day.
  3. I don’t like Valentine’s Day.
  4. I especially don’t like it when people wrap my birthday gifts in Valentine’s paper.
  5. I DO like Valentine’s candy.
  6. But not as much as I like my friend Pam’s home-made Christmas candy.
  7. My parents have been married for over 30 years.
  8. They were young when they had me.
  9. They have been the perfect example of love, support and marriage.
  10. I met my husband in college.
  11. I was engaged to someone else at the time.
  12. The first thing I ever said to my husband was “Man I’m tired of hearing about you.” (One of our friends had been talking about his coooool new friend Marcus for MONTHS.)
  13. My favorite color is purple.
  14. Not lavender, purple.
  15. In pre-school, I would get angry if we didn’t get to color something purple each day.
  16. My favorite toys growing up were my Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls.
  17. I called them my “Little Dolls.” (Abbreviated LDs.)
  18. The first thing I did was undress them and cut their hair into a Mohawk.
  19. Each had an intricate backstory, all of which I remembered.
  20. I don’t remember them now.
  21. I should have written them down.
  22. I had a Hello Kitty diary when I was little.
  23. Its name was Roxy.
  24. I named it so it would be like I was writing to a friend.
  25. I no longer keep a diary.
  26. I keep a blog instead.
  27. I was on the dance team in high school, the Bronco Belles.
  28. It was one of the happiest times of my life.
  29. And the thinnest.
  30. Gaaaaaah, my legs looked great back then.
  31. Yours would too if you high-kicked four hours a day.
  32. I grew up outside Baton Rouge in a town called Zachary.
  33. We had 2 stoplights.
  34. My husband calls me Monkey Butt.
  35. I’ve always dreamed of being a mom.
  36. My little boy is better than I could ever have imagined.
  37. I didn’t like his name, Dean, when my husband first suggested it.
  38. If he had been a girl, we would have named him Olivia Faith.
  39. My great-grandpa’s name was Pervie Lester.
  40. We will not be naming any offspring after him.
  41. My strongest pregnancy craving was mandarin oranges.
  42. I went to college to major in musical theatre.
  43. I ended up a stage manager.
  44. I made the right choice.
  45. I have done 2 Broadway shows.
  46. They were truly a dream come true.
  47. I never dreamed I would live in NYC.
  48. I LOVED living in NYC.
  49. I did NOT love riding the subway at night or paying high rent.
  50. I lived across from an Italian deli.
  51. I would kill for some of their balsamic ravioli salad right now.
  52. I am super-picky about grammar.
  53. I proof-read all important things my husband writes.
  54. He is not picky about grammar.
  55. Bono is my fantasy boyfriend.
  56. I totally have a crush on John Clayton, the dorky little man who does injury reports on ESPN. He is my sports boyfriend.
  57. I REALLY love coffee.
  58. Especially hazelnut coffee.
  59. I do not like French Vanilla coffee.
  60. I have polycystic kidney disease.
  61. And high blood pressure.
  62. My mom has it, too.
  63. She had a transplant in December 2007.
  64. Her donor, Bradley, is my hero.
  65. He has red hair and doesn’t eat anything green.
  66. I love vegetables, especially home-grown ones.
  67. I like to buy produce on the side of the road.
  68. I never had braces.
  69. My eyes are two different colors.
  70. The only foreign country I’ve ever been to is Poland.
  71. I have no desire to go back to Poland.
  72. I went there to produce a show at a theatre festival.
  73. I ate at McDonald’s so I could order a Royale with cheese.
  74. After getting my Master of Fine Arts degree, I moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Ithaca, New York.
  75. I had never seen snow before.
  76. I also did not own a “real” winter coat.
  77. I bought a parka. It was a good move.
  78. I love moo cows.
  79. I have texture issues with raw tomatoes.
  80. I hate olives. My husband, unfortunately, loves them.
  81. I was 6 weeks pregnant when I served as Matron of Honor in my friend Meredith’s wedding.
  82. If I had been a minute more pregnant, my dress would not have zipped.
  83. I have switched to Coke Zero.
  84. I could eat pizza or pasta every single day.
  85. When I was in labor and on Demerol, I drunk-dialed my mom.
  86. I hate mayonnaise.
  87. I am a good baker.
  88. My Texas Sheet Cake will make you slap your mama.
  89. I enjoy “Your Mom” jokes. A lot. (Your Mom’s a lot!)
  90. I find vacuuming to be the most satisfying chore.
  91. I get along really well with my mother in law.
  92. I love SEC football.
  93. My all-time favorite TV show is Sports Night.
  94. I pronounce my name “Gin” due to my southern accent. It has 2 syllables when I say it.
  95. No one vomits alone in my presence.
  96. I hate when people spell things with a K that should be spelled with a C. (Example: Kountry Kitchen or Kiddie Kandids.) The exception to this rule is Krispy Kreme donuts.
  97. I don’t like peanut butter cookies.
  98. I want a pug dog.
  99. I can’t wait to start teaching again.
  100. I actually had fun filling this out!


Heather said...

Love all the fun facts. You are so much more ambitious than me. I know I couldn't make NaBloPoMo. I'd inevitably miss a few days, so I'm not signing up. That way, I can't fail. Good plan.

AJU5's Mom said...

I like purple too - but definitely not the light purples and lavenders! Luckily, my high school colors where purple and grey/silver. Now I dress the little one in a lot of purple so people don't ask if she is a boy (which we still get) without putting her in a lot of pink!

Anonymous said...

You forgot about "creamy", "moist", and "juicy". :)


Jen L. said...

@ J (that's my mom, by the way): That is gross. Stop it.
[For those of you wondering what she's talking about, those three words GROSS ME OUT.]

You should know that right after I got the email that my mother had posted her lovely coment, I got an email from Kiddie Kandids Portrait Studio. UUUUUUUGH.

Keetha said...

Fun facts! That balsamic ravioli salad sounds so good; I can't imagine living across from an Italian deli in NYC. I'd eat there four times a day.

I thought I was the only southerner I knew who didn't care for tomatoes.

That "K" for "C" thing bugs me, too. Kountry Kitchen. Ugh.

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

"Pervie" would be the best name ever! Oh and mayonnaise. Yuck. Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever noticed that your eyes are two different colors, I'll have to check that out tommorrow.

Auntie M

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever noticed that your eyes are two different colors, I'll have to check that out tommorrow.

Auntie M

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! I clicked twice, sorry...