Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, well

Dean had his one-year well-baby appointment today. You want the stats? You got it!
Weight: 22 lbs. 1 oz. (50th percentile)
Height; 29 1/2 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 18 1/8 inches (75th percentile--way to go, Dean!)
Vaccinations: 3
Band-aids: 3
Books as birthday gifts from doctor: 1 (cool, huh?)
Prescriptions for nasty, horrible eczema: 2

He had his first taste of whole milk today. He spit the first sip out, but that's usually what happens with his first sip of anything. He should be walking any minute now and is finally able to eat table food for most of his meals.

The eczema is awful and I only write about it because a)I want to have a record of it and b)it might help another parent. He had a huge, nasty patch behind his knee, which is where I used to get it when I was a child. There are little patches scattered all over his body, but that one was the worst. It had gotten infected, so the dr. gave us a very mild steroid cream to help speed up his healing and an oral antibiotic. She told us to stop using the creams we'd been using and lube him up with Lubriderm. We also stopped using Johnson's baby wash in favor of (get ready) a plain white Dove beauty bar! The doctor said that is what dermatologists recommend for eczema. It was weird to have him emerge from the tub smelling like he'd just taken off his make-up instead of like a baby. Just another step in our growing process, I suppose.

The oral antibiotic has already been an adventure. When I brought it home from the pharmacy, I realized that the bottle was sealed and contained powder instead of liquid. There were instructions telling how to mix it, but I didn't really trust myself with that task. (Plus, for what it cost, the least they could do was mix it up!) I called the pharmacy and the lady said "Oooooooooooooooh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." People in Alabama sometimes talk slow, you see. "We shoulda mixed that up. Come on back." So, back to the pharmacy went Marcus. When I opened the now-correctly-mixed bottle, the aroma of orange Sweet Tarts (or in Marcus's opinion, a ground-up orange Safety Pop) hit me. We tried our usual "give it to him in the bathtub" trick, which didn't work. He spit it all over Marcus's sleeve. We tried again before bed. He gargled it. GARGLED. How does a one-year old even know how to gargle? Anyway, tomorrow morning it's going in the cereal. And I may wear a Haz-Mat suit.


meredith said...

Poor Dean!! That patch on his back leg looked so painful. Ouch! I hope he is feeling better. Give him a hug and a kiss from his Aunt Meredith and hopefully we will see y'all soon!!


Hotch Potchery said...

Good stats! Even though milk is expensive it seems SO cheap when you get to switch off formula!

Heather said...

Poor Deano. I hope that clears up soon, I know it can't feel good.
And in the 75th percentile for his head? That little man's gonna be smart! Isn't that what they say? Bigger head means bigger brain?? It's all that reading he's been doing!!

Francesca said...

Hey Jen - I get really bad eczema on my hands, and this year had a bout that did not go away for about three months (I tried everything) until I found two different things at the health food store that totally worked. I used Neem Leaf and Oil Cream during the day ( and at night I used Florasone Cream ( It totally cleared up in a week! So - if you are looking for any other remedies, give those a try!

Happy birthday, Dean!

AJU5's Mom said...

Dean is bigger than AJU5 in every area except head (and about a month younger...). Hopefully the eczema goes away soon!

To get AJU5 to take milk we had to mix in yogurt. Plus, the extra calories don't hurt!

Anonymous said...

I'm giggling at the fact that he gargled the medicine. He'll do anything for a laugh, won't he?


Anonymous said...

You just reminded me of the almost impossible task of getting the pink, "bubble gum" medicine into Chase at that age.

Auntie M

Diane said...

Still laughing at the gargling... would have loved to have seen that!

Ryan had little eczema (sp?) patches in various places when she was about that age. She lived in Aveeno baths. She did grow out of it, though, so fingers crossed...