Friday, January 16, 2009

Successful Parenting?

What up, peeps? Deano the bambino here. I'm writing this entry so you'll get the truth, the facts, the events as they happened, not my mom's fluffed up version. She and Daddy have been trying to get me to drink from a sippy cup. Sure, I'll do it, if someone holds it for me and lets me suck like a baby goat. But I got things to do, y'all! I'm way to busy to occupy both my hands with a sippy cup! I'm a multi-tasker! I need to clap or throw peas or turn the pages in my books while I drink. I cannot be bothered to stop what I'm doing just to sip milk.
Anywho, today after lunch (I had risotto and spring palate is quite sophisticated for someone who's this many (1) ), Mommy sat my sippy cup on my tray. I threw it on the floor 4 times. She then explained that I needed to drink my milk. I was a little parched, so I obliged. I let her put my cup in my mouth. THEN, she took both my hands and made ME hold my OWN cup while she, like, unloaded the dishwasher or something silly like that. I did it, but only because I was thirsty. Mommy, thinking she'd had a breakthrough of some sort, grabbed her cell phone (which she will NOT let me play with, by the way) and started snapping pictures to send to my daddy. But I knew what to do. I let her snap her pictures and send her message, then I threw my cup at her. And spit milk all over the place. Haha! Who's in charge? That's right.
She can't even figure out how to get the picture off her phone to post and brag to you guys about it.
Nice try, Mom. Now hold my cup. I need some juice while I push this wagon across the room!


Jen L. said...

Oh, Dean. I won't steal your limelight by telling the story as it REALLY happened. I WILL, however, remind you that somebody got sleep-trained this week! (Who's in charge? That's right, little man.)

AJU5's Mom said...

Hey Dean - it is AJU5 here. See, when you learn to hold your own cup on a regular basis, you get to have it out of the house. Then the fun thing to do it throw it in the store. Your mommy will then have to wash it. It is so much fun! Also, learn to do it one handed. Then you can throw food with the other hand!

Oh, and don't give my mommy any ideas on the sleep training. I like my mommy time twice during the night!

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Two smart babies, here, Dean and AJU5 have it all figured out.


Jen L. said...

Dean and AJU5 are trouble-makers. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it when Deano does a post, I can just picture his expressions!

Auntie M

Frema said...

Very funny, Dean!

Kara will drink from a sippy cup on her own if it's filled with water; she'll only take milk from a bottle. We keep trying, though!

Heather said...

Good job Dean!! Way to show her, man. "Sure, I'll pose for your picture... now TAKE THIS!" :)
Maybe you should look into those sippy-cup on a string deals. You can drink when you want, then let it dangle around your neck until you're thirsty again.
A girl I went to college with had one for her "extra curricular" activities. It kept her hands free for dancing and playing card games. I don't think she kept milk in her's though.