Saturday, September 6, 2008

A big dose of local culture AND I walked off the hot wings I ate yesterday

Today was a busy day for the Marjen household! (Marjen, by the way, is our combined celebrity name, like Brangelina or Bennifer.) We left home a little after 8 this morning to hit some yard sales. We racked up at one yesterday, finding the exact crib mattress we were about to shell out 70 bucks for at Target on sale (and brand new!) for only $15!!! We also bought 5 boxes of Christmas lights. I see that Marcus is coming around to my way of thinking. This will make the holidays happier for all of us. ;) This morning, we picked up some fun new books for Dean, a cool set of wooden blocks and a neat plastic rhino for our nephew. (His daddy collects rhinos and he thinks they are neat, so we snatch them up when we see them!) Once we'd hit all the ones that we had highlighted in the paper, we headed to an estate sale. Marcus loves them. I had never been to one...and I will probably not be going to another one. It creeped me out. Never mind the fact that we were in a house that had not been updated since the late 60's, never mind the strong smell of mothballs (and bacon!?!??) in the air, let's focus on the fact that you are DIGGIN THROUGH A DEAD PERSON'S CLOSET! There is something so wrong about that. Sure, they don't need their mop or their sassy collection of cardigan sweaters or their 39 baskets of needlepoint supplies anymore, but something about it just creeped me out a bit. I told Marcus I felt like we should say a prayer or something. Bleh.

Anyway, after that, I was actually still hungry, so we ate at Cracker Barrel, then headed to the Bessemer Flea Market. Uh, ghetto. I mean, how much need is there in Bessemer, AL, for 17 booths of cell phone clips (yes, I counted), 9 sock merchants and a print of the Last Supper on a piece of tin? Like the estate sale, I think this was my first and last trip to that particular flea market.

From there, though, our day got pretty awesome. We happened to notice in the paper yesterday that this weekend was the annual Birmingham Art Walk. More than 100 artists from the area gather once a year in downtown B'ham to exhibit their work, including sculptures, jewelry, photography, paintings, crafts and multi-media work. There's also live music, food and kids' activities. (I really wanted to paint a flamingo at the DaVinci Gallery. I'm just sayin'.) Anyway, we hit the jackpot! We got 3 great photographs and an AMAZING print of a painting for our house! We have decided to do our "formal" living room in a New York theme, using some cool photos or paintings of New York, stuff we bought there, our Broadway posters and perhaps a neat coffee table book, to decorate. This is a painting of the top of the Chrysler Building and the colors will work perfectly in our living room. The artist is making another trip to NYC soon and will be doing a painting of the Flatiron Building, which we hope to buy at next year's Art Walk.

I think this is my favorite day since we've moved. The three of us were together all day, Dean was an angel (he loves being around people and seeing new sights) and we got to do something really fun and local. I can't wait to find more things like this to do around our new hometown.

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