Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby asleep by 7:45...leaves Mommy with idle time on her hands!

Well this is weird. Dean, who has had a BAD teething day (still no teeth, though), finally settled down and fell asleep on me at 7:45. So we put him to bed. Even though he needed a bath. Because there is food in his hair. Oh, well. Anyway, I don't have a specific topic for a post, but let's review some things that have happened this weekend, shall we?

*We went to Tuscaloosa yesterday for tailgating. Not the game, just tailgating. Each year, a lot of theatre alumni come in for one game and this was it. We got to introduce Dean to our old teachers and friends and we got to see how much the campus has changed. Which is a LOT. The student health center, which used to be a small room in a scary building, is now a huge complex on the other side of campus. And there is a water slide on campus. A WATER SLIDE. When I was in college, we once made a slip and slide out of a garbage bag. Looks like college has gotten a lot cooler since I was there, kids.

*We didn't eat anything at the tailgating party, which is unlike both Marcus and me. Dean was hungry, so we fed him and visited with friends and just never got around to eating. Which we made up for on the way home. There is now a Five Guys Burgers in Tuscaloosa! If you've never had one, they are wonderful! We always go when we're in DC visiting Marcus's folks. YUM. And when we were done there, the HOT NOW sign was flashing at Krispy Kreme, so you know we had to stop.

*Krispy Kremes, cheeseburgers and fries are counter-productive when trying to lose baby weight.

*On the flip side, I started walking with my aunt and her friend in the mornings. We did three miles on Friday. Up hills. Pushing Dean in his stroller. I still have shin splints.

*We went to the lovely Kate's second birthday party today. It was a trip, as most children's birthay parties are. There was chili cheese dip.

*Anyone else have a new "McCafe" at the McDonald's in their town? They have been advertising it here and I picked up a coupon for a chicken biscuit with purchase of an espresso coffee. Dean and I will have to check it out this week. Again with the not helping to lose the baby weight!

*This weekend, my grandma and my parents are coming to visit! My cousin Heather is also coming up to meet Dean for the first time. (Shout out to Heather's new blog! Check her out if you have time.) We are very excited to see the fam and show them the house. We are also excited that Grammy and Papa will be taking care of Dean on Sunday afternoon so we can FINALLY unpack some boxes! Or nap. The jury's still out on that one.

*Meredith, if you don't come visit me soon, I will cry. CRYYYYYY. No pressure.

*Dean peed on me today. Twice. Then he laughed. A lot.

*I really think I'm going to bed now. At 8:30. Because my child will probably wake up ready to party at 4am. And, chances are, he'll pee on me.

Everyone have a great week!


meredith said...

I'm coming!!! I just need to figure out a weekend! I promise I am coming because if I don't, I MAY cry too!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :) I doubt anyone will get excited about my mundane life, but that's okay!!
In other news, I am SO excited about coming to visit this weekend!! Yay for you living closer now. Oooh, but I do need to get my house clean before Grandma comes. It's a small disaster right now!

SSU said...

Glad we haven't had any of the pee incidents in ages. I think it is a boy thing though. Sounds like you have a good weekend though - a lot more interesting and tasty that our usual!

Derek T. Pickens said...

Five Guys is SOOO good! Have you guys figured out when you're going up to the DC area?

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

A chicken biscuit and an espresso? Really? They figgerd "well, people who order espresso usually want something to go with it, like a chicken and biscuit product?" Hilarious!

Jen L. said...

The chicken biscuit and espresso thing kind of grosses me out, too! Maybe because I ate one of those chicken biscuits this summer and then got really sick later. Bleh.