Friday, February 13, 2009


I turn 32 today.

This many

I thought I'd do a little list. 32 Things on my 32nd. Here goes nothing.

1. This is an anti-climactic age.

2. On the eve of my 30th birthday, I had a small identity crisis. I called my friend Eileen and asked her if I was supposed to feel older and wiser. She said no. That made me feel better.

3. CVS just called to refill my prescription. How very nice of them.

4. I'm having lunch today with Auntie M and Loretta.

5. Dean's pretty jazzed about it.

6. Marcus, Dean and I had dinner at Cajun Steamers last night, courtesy of my parents.

7. Dean had his first kid's meal.

8. Dean likes Cajun fries.

9. I wore flip-flops. In February.

10. My favorite color is purple. Did you know? Now you do.
11. I bought my first pair of Clark's shoes this year.
12. They are the greatest pair of shoes I have ever owned. Also the most expensive.
13. I think it's cool when my birthday falls on Friday the 13th.
14. I kind of hate Valentine's day.
15. I especially hate it when people wrap my birthday gifts in Valentine gift wrap.
16. Dean keeps finding my cell phone and programming new numbers into it. This is annoying.
17. The plumber we hired to fix our leaky pipe was great. We will not have to sell anything on eBay to pay the bill.
18. Home ownership kinda sucks sometimes. (see above comment about leaky pipe)
19. Dean peed on me twice this morning. Happy birthday, mommy. ;)
20. My perfect "Fat Breakfast" would be Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut coffee, Krispy Kreme donuts and hashbrowns from McDonald's, with a soy latte from Starbuck's for dessert.
21. I could eat pasta every single day. So could my son.
22. I don't remember going from the OR to the recovery room after my c-section. This kind of bothers me.
23. In college, we once had a 4-way joint birthday party for a bunch of us who were born between Feb. 10-13.
24. My family's new favorite word is "boon." (balloon)
25. My class brought in their assignment for next Thursday yesterday. Everyone did. So we did those presentations. Better early than late, huh?
26. I really hope Marcus gets me York Peppermint Patties for Valentine's Day. I enjoy them chilled.
27. I always cry when filling out holiday cards to Dean. Last year when he was a wee little tot, Marcus and I had to try 5 times before we could read him his Valentine. I'm sure his 6 week old self really cared about having it read aloud, but it was important to us.
28. I have never used a lawnmower. I have no intention of starting any time soon. (Marcus is getting ready to mow our yard.)
29. My secret dream is to receive an entire bag of trial-sized items for my birthday or Christmas.
30. I once had a pet crab named Charlie. I fed him bologna. He died.
31. Dean calls me "Nah Nah." I love it.
32. Wanna know what Marcus gave me for my birthday? I'M MOVING MY BLOG TO TYPEPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to do the online tutorial and get everything set up, but within two weeks, you will be able to visit me at my new and improved site.
Now go have a cupcake and think of me. :)


AJU5's Mom said...

Umm, on #22, I don't remember half of the stuff going on then AND I wasn't totally knocked out. I totally don't remember being wheeled between the rooms though (I do remember having the epidural removed before that though).
I like purple too! And I have a pair of Clarks - my MIL gave them to me because she didn't like that pair (clog - so the heel can cause fit issues) - but I wear them on Sundays a lot!


Hotch Potchery said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Heather said...

Happy birthday!! I plan on calling you later, as your lunching it up right about now! (I'm a little jealous.)
Oh, and you hate the whole Valentine paper for your birthday?? Try Christmas paper. Yeah. It sucks, huh?
Anyway, have a fantastic day!!!!
Love you cuz!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the sweetest most beautiful girl in the world! Always have been, always will be.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe my baby is 32! You don't look it at all. Good genes, I guess.

I can totally get into #20.

Have a great day, sweet girl.

I love you,

Ilina said...

Hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!

Ilina said...

Hey, are you on Twitter? DM me at @ilinap

Bethany@MyLifeinBlackandWhite said...

hahaha Poor Charlie! Happy late birthday!

Frema said...

Happy belated birthday, Jen!

Regarding V-Day paper for birthday presents: Luke was born on Valentine's Day, and I make a special effort NEVER to do that.

Congrats on moving to TypePad! When I made the move at the end of 2006, it took me a long time to figure out the admin side of things, but I was so, so happy with the final result. Enjoy!