Sunday, February 1, 2009

They said it was just a trim, but I thought she might cut my head off

Hey, peeps, Dean here. Would you look at what Mommy and Daddy did to me yesterday!?!?!?!?

They made me get my HAIR CUT! I got excited because I thought we were going to Target. But noooo, we went into this other place where this lady I do not even KNOW put a cape on me (a cape with NO ARM HOLES!) and cut off my hair!

I wanted to slap her hand away like I do when Mom tries to blow my nose, but there were NO ARM HOLES in my cape! Daddy's cape had arm holes. NO FAIR.

Mom was no help. Instead of saving me from this stranger with scissors, she stood there collecting my hair in a zippy bag (how ghetto is THAT?) so she could keep a curl and give one to each of my grandmas. If my grandmas had BEEN there, they certainly would have saved me.

But not Mom. Nope. She just stood there with her zippy bag snapping pictures and taking video.

(I'm only 1. I don't know how to embed videos. GAH.)

Anyway, it was over pretty quickly. The lady with the scissors gave me a sucker, which Mom TOOK. (She's really no fun these days, I tell ya.) I guess I do look pretty good. But I am NEVER doing that again EVER. So there.


AJU5's Mom said...

Its okay Dean. Someday you won't mind hair cuts. You might be quite a bit older by then, but they really aren't that bad. You look very cute with the shorter hair!

Anonymous said...

That's my handsome boy! Did Mama eat your sucker? How mean. You do look so good and I can see your pretty eyes. See, it wasn't so bad.

I love you,

Heather said...

Way to be a trooper Deano. I think your new hair looks hot. Seriously, the chick babies will be all over you. :)

meredith said...

He's bound to be like his daddy was and have long hair!


Derek T. Pickens said...

Oh Deano, you did so well! I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and the lady did a really bad job, but yours looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great Dean. One day you'll enjoy having your hair messed with. Mr. Dan makes me give him hair rubs all the time...

Auntie M

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Dear Dean,
I am jealous that you had enough hair to cut!!
Love Megan

Marianna said...

That video has to be the most precious thing I have ever seen. I'm thinking that it's not going to be long before Dean is famous. I'm going to send the video to all of my friends. He's just darling, and his haircut is fabulous! I'm so glad that you post pictures and videos, it's nice to see him grow and change.