Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama!

We're here!!!!!! We don't have a stick of furniture and the house needs to be cleaned, but we're here!!!!!!!!! The weather is beautiful, our house is a blank slate just waiting to be filled however we want, and we are SO happy to be in the deep south! My mom and dad left this morning to go home to Oxford. They very graciously came to WV to fetch Dean and me and were a HUGE help over the past few days. Marcus's mom and dad are driving from DC tomorrow (!) with our stuff that has been in their basement all summer. They'll get to stay the weekend and see the house and the town for the first time. We are so very lucky to have such wonderful parents!

Dean is doing great. He's currently playing in his newest toy, the exersaucer. I love the exersaucer. Marcus and I played some scratch-off lottery tickets this summer (and got lucky) and ended up with enough money to purchase said exersaucer. Dean took right to it, especially the parts that play music. I think he'll be crawling any minute. He's got the position down, he just hasn't quite figured out how to throw his momentum forward to get moving. We also purchased bedding for Dean's new room. It's adorable--sage green with, you guessed it, MONKEYS! (Dean's really, really into monkeys.) We'll get his crib and dresser in a couple of weeks, then his room will be all set.

Coming from NYC, we don't have any furniture, so this weekend is about getting at least a couch, dining table and chairs and bed for the master bedroom. I am ridiculously in love with the shower, as I knew I would be. With the stone tiles and cozy set-up, it feels like a spa. YAY. We're still deciding on colors for all the rooms, but it's going to be FUN to fix the house up how we want it! And the washer/dryer? As good as I expected. Maybe better. It dries clothes in 35 minutes. A full load. In 35 minutes. :) I washed a load in my dishwasher last night. Oh, what a miraculous thing to have a dishwasher! I also bought Dean a sippy cup (we went with a Dr. Brown's since we liked his bottles so much). Mom friends, when did your little ones start with sippy cups? We haven't tried it quite yet.

Most importantly, though, the three of us are in a place of our own in a town we will certainly grow to love in no time. Dean and I are heading out for a Walmart/Target adventure later to start our nesting. (And to get some food. When we got here ,Marcus had a jar of olives and a 24-pack of pudding in the fridge. And that's all.) It's so good to be home!


Sam said...

Jen! Your house is so pretty.
Hopefully we'll get to see it at Dean's party. (:

I miss you already.
West Virginia sucks without all you cool TWV folks.

Tell Marcus and Dean I said hi! (:

luvmyboy said...

The house looks so cozy! I'm happy for you. Sippy cups? Started trying around 9 months, but didn't really love it til closer to a year. No rush! They grow up so fast anyway...

Crystal said...

HEY! Love the house. Yall will enjoy fixing it up. :-) Dean is getting so big! and so darn CUTE!

Melissa said...

Hi Jen! Welcome back to the south. You are going to have so much fun decorating and filling up that big house of yours! Glad to hear that you all made the move well. Sippy cups: Catherine didn't really take to them until after her first birthday (and even then with some persuasion). Don't rush it. They don't have to be off the bottle until 15-18 months old.

Derek T. Pickens said...

I'm glad you got that thing for Dean after WV, I don't think Phamer could handle it! And he totally didn't have time to finish teaching Dean how to crawl!

Oh, and btdubs, that dryer sounds just like the one my parents have. I got home and had to do about 6 loads of laundry and the dryer was way faster than the washer.