Sunday, August 31, 2008

If they saved us any more money, we'd be broke.

Oh, Labor Day and its sales! Thank goodness, but fie on it just the same! This weekend, we have become the proud new owners of a 5 piece dinette set, lifetime crib, changing table/dresser combo, 7 piece bedroom suit from Rooms to Go, tons of clearance items from a Linens n Things store that's going out of business, and a brand new Hoover vacuum cleaner. Glad we had some money saved up for this move, y'all.

Needless to say, things are coming together in the Lane home. We even bought groceries yesterday. It was a great time to shop because we hit a killer sale on baby food! Dean even seems to be falling into some new rhythms and that's good. Small town life is nice. Next week, between furniture deliveries, of course, we are going to pop over to the county library to check and see if there's a story time. If not, I may volunteer to start one. I do want Dean to be around other children as soon as possible. He did so well this summer around everyone at the theatre that we want to make sure and keep him very social.

I have to go clip coupons and balance the checkbook now. :P


luvmyboy said...

Suggestion: Try - you can probably find a playgroup in your area - meet some new friends. Congrats on the new furniture! Have fun dressing up your house!

Jen L. said...

luvmyboy: Thanks for that suggestion! Sounds like a great way to meet some local folks. :)