Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Simple Life

I'm looking forward to living it. Marcus leaves on Friday for Alabama and Dean and I (accompanied by my parents) will join him the 25th. I cannot wait to be in our house in our new town starting our life in the south. I have a feeling Marcus is going to love his new job and I am so excited to start putting down some roots in Montevallo.

Last week, the Lanes from Virginia, as well as Aunt Ginger and Kevin from Florida, visited us. We stayed in the same cabins as last year, only this year we got the big lodge on the lake. It was a fun, eventful week. I"m going to post another blog immediately after this one of just pictures.

Ok, were getting a new car. Well, new to us. It'll probably be "gently used." I want something higher-up so it's easier to get Dean in and out of the carseat. And with my new role as stay at home mom, it will need room for baby stroller, lots of groceries and probably some bulk items from Sam's. We have been driving the Theatre's van this summer and we LOVE it (It's a Ford Windstar). We'll probably go the SUV route, maybe something along the lines of a Honda CRV, which is what Marcus's mom drives. Anyone have suggestions? Lots of space and good gas mileage are a must.

I promise to blog more often, y'all. I miss it so much. Lately, I've barely even had time to read the blogs I like to follow, much less update my own. But soon the "simple" life (is it ever simple, though?) I've been looking forward to will give me more free time. You know, between washing bibs...


Daddy/Papa said...

Heeey! It's me. I can't wait for you guys to be close to us. Fun times ahead.

What about this new car? Haven't heard that before.

See you soon. Deano is TOO cute in those photos. It really should be against the law. He should have to save SOME cute for the other babies.

meredith said...

I am SO ready for you to be in the same state as us!!!! I miss you terribly!!! I highly recommend the Honda Pilot. It seats 8, not that you would need that but you never know. I have had as many as 7 in my car at one time, plus it gets great gas mileage (21 mpg). It's awesome and I love it!! Call me and kiss Dean for me!


luvmyboy said...

I LOVE my CRV!!! It's great for one kid. But now that #2 is on the way, we've entered the minivan club! Glad things will be "Simpler" for you soon. You'll love it!