Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gotta find a new movie candy now

To answer the question posed by the t-shirt, no, you don't. :)

The bassinet has been assembled. Extra sheets have been special ordered. (Because the people at Disney make it so you can't just buy them at Target--you have to CALL and order them!) The baby clothes are washed, folded and hung and put in their place. Baby's shelves are full of books, bibs, burp towels and tiny little washcloths. There's food in the freezer. If I prop my feet up any higher, I'll be hanging from the ceiling. Can I have my baby now?

Warning: this part contains some kind of personal information, which leads to a really funny story. Hope it doesn't make anyone uncomfortable. I have no modesty, so here we go. I woke up New Year's Eve feeling kinda funky with a sore spot on my left side kind of below my arm pit. (where underwire would hit you) It was worse yesterday when I woke up, so I got online to do some research about just what the heck it could be. I figured it out pretty quickly: I had a clogged milk duct. That can actually happen from your 6th month of pregnancy! So, it's New Year's Day. My doctor is on vacation until Jan. 2, but their answering service should be picking up. I call. The lady answers and sounds professional enough, asking my date of birth and what week of pregnancy I'm in. I then explain that I think I have a clogged milk duct and need some advice on how to treat it so it doesn't turn into an infection. She says "Okaaaaaaay, so you have a clogged milk dud?" (enter glare from Jen here) No, moron. DUCT. DUUUUUUUCT. I spell it for her. She says "ooooooh. okaaaaay. I'll get someone to call you." No one ever did, probably because she told the doctor on-call that I had a clogged milk dud and they didn't want to deal with someone that stupid on a holiday. Fortunately, my sister in law is also a nurse and mother of a one-year-old, so I called her and got some advice last night. And my milk dud is good as new today. I can't wait to tell the doctor this story when we see him on Friday.

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