Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best week ever

Well, we've lived through week one with a newborn! It's been an ongoing adventure, leaving us a little sleep-deprived, the sink pretty full of dishes and the house a little messy... but very, very happy. In the interest of time (because Mr. Dean could wake up any second demanding undivided attention...which he will certainly get!), I"ll run down the highlights for you in bullet form!
*Our first night away from Daddy. Marcus had to go to Alabama this Sunday and Monday, so Aunt Kitty stayed with Dean and me. She was amazing at taking care of both of us.
*Gas, gas and more gas. Who knew a tiny body could hold that much gas? And it keeps hitting him at 1am! Fortunately, our pediatrician had some excellent advice on how to get rid of said gas, so we're much happier now.
*Our first night of sleep last night, thanks to the Fisher Price Rainforest swing! Thank you, Jesus, for the Fisher Price Rainforest swing!
*Dean's umbilical cord stump fell off Monday, leaving him with quite the cute belly button. (it's an innie) Which led to...
*Dean's first tub bath. Which he hated. With a passion. See picture above of him screaming as we dried him off. But he smells better now.
*Watching this little person discover the world. It's so much fun to watch him follow sights and sounds. He has such a calm personality already. (Good thing...his name means "Calming.")
*Falling completely and totally in love with my husband all over again. I knew Marcus would be a wonderful dad, but his instincts with Dean are amazing. He's so good with him, whether it's changing a stinky diaper or rocking him back to sleep at 3 am. And he has taken exquisite care of me after my surgery. We have always prided ourselves for having such a strong connection as a couple and a deep mutual respect for one another as individuals, but nothing could have prepared us for how much closer having a child would bring us. What a wonderful feeling.
*Recovery from c-section . Not fun. I managed to pull a muscle in my back, so that's added a new level of discomfort to things. Until last night, I actually had to sleep on top of my pregnancy body pillow with a fort of pillows all around me just so I wouldn't have muscle spasms. I'm trying so hard to stay off the percocet and just manage the pain with tylenol. Percocet makes me goofy and hurts my stomach. I go to the dr. tomorrow, so maybe he'll have some suggestions.
*Shock and utter disbelief at how fast the pregnancy weight seems to be falling off! I look smaller than I did when we left West Virginia in my 18th week of pregnancy! My stomach is kind of a weird gelatinous blob at the bottom, topped off by my scar, which is still covered in steri-strips and looks like a big smile, but I don't even remotely look pregnant anymore. I can't wait to see how much I weigh tomorrow.
*My feet are still swollen. Gr.
*The real highlight has been realizing that our son is finally here in our arms to stay and we have a lifetime of laughs, kisses, smiles and love to share with him. It's even better than we imagined. :)

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Can't wait to see him in the visor!!!