Thursday, January 24, 2008

22 down, 10 to go!

Pounds, that is. I went to the doctor yesterday to follow-up on my high blood pressure (more on that later) and hopped up on the scale to see that I"m only 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. That makes a happy Jen. Somewhere around Thanksgiving, also known as the last day of my pregnancy where I felt ok, I decided I would never lose my baby weight. I have no idea why I believed this. Anyway, I'm happy it's coming off. I still have a little tummy pooch around my scar, but I see real jeans in my near future! My wedding ring and socks fit again, so that will do fine for now.

Mr. Dean continues to keep us on our toes. And by that I mean awake from 1:30-4am. I took the "Late shift" last night and it was a marathon of feeding, rocking, diaper changes, singing and an episode of "Unwrapped" on Food TV that taught us some fascinating facts about eggs. My doctor is pretty sure my lack of sleep is adding to my lingering hypertension. Tomorrow, I'll have blood work done and on Monday, a renal ultrasound. Given my family history of polycystic kidneys, we've got to rule that out.

Today my friend Betsy came over to meet Dean. Before she arrived, I changed his diaper and brought him into the bedroom to change his outfit. I got him all dressed, then scooped him up only to discover that his entire back was soaked. And so was my bed. He gets angry when you take his clothes off, so I guess piddling on my side of the bed was his revenge. Of course, he didn't realize that this meant I'd have to change his outfit AGAIN... Poor little guy. Check out the picture above of him doing a crazy baby yoga pose after sprinkling the big bed. Babies are super flexible!

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Eileen said...

He already looks bigger and different already! And congrats on losing 22 pounds! Frickin' awesome. Baby Awesome.