Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Colic, party of 3

Here's Mr. Dean after his midnight bath last night. He did a huge poop (after scaring his mommy by not pooping for almost 24 hours), then managed to pee not once but twice on the changing table. His hair was soaked. The table was soaked. His clothes were soaked. We decided it was best to just throw him in the tub and hose him off. Now, Mr. Dean has not been enjoying his bath. I think it freaks him out a little. Marcus and I have gotten it down to a science--we can bathe him in under 3 minutes. Well, apparently we've just been doing it at the wrong time of day. The midnight bath actually went well! He even hung his little foot over the side of the sling and dipped it into the water. Yee haw. This was a nice change for us, considering we've had our first couple of nights of serious colic this week. On Monday night, I slept an hour and a half, 40 minutes of that with Dean passed out on my chest. He wouldn't nap on Tuesday unless he was in my arms, so napping didn't happen for me. By 8:30pm on Tuesday, my brain had turned to complete mush and I just had to lay down. Then it was back up for the midnight bath. :) We didn't get much sleep last night either. I read somewhere that babies hit a growth spurt around 3 1/2 weeks old, so maybe that explains his erratic behavior this week. Who knows. Hopefully he'll settle into sleep tonight. We do ok until about 5am, when we seem to hit the wall. Marcus and I can't help but worry a little that the neighbors are going to eventually fire-bomb us if we don't keep him from crying. We can let him cry it out on his own a little until the shrieking starts. I just can't take the shrieking. Marcus had the quote of the week on Monday at 4am. Dean had been screaming for close to 3 hours. We'd fed, changed rocked, sung to and held him. We put him in his swing. The screaming continued. Marcus looked at him in all seriousness and said "This is why some species eat their young." :)

We have a big weekend ahead of us. We'll take our first road trip as a family of three (well, with the baby on the outside) to DC to visit the other Lanes. Dean will meet his Uncle Mike, Aunt Mirka and cousin Adam for the first time and will get to hang out at Grandmama and Grandpappy's house. We are excited that said grandparents will take care of baby so we can sleep!

On another note, I feel like I should go ahead and share this. I went back to the doctor today to follow up and get my results from my renal ultrasound and bloodwork they did last week. I have been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, the same disease my mom has. At this point, I'm in very good health. My kidney function is perfect and there is medically no emergency. My doctor was fantastic today--he spent 45 minutes talking to me and referred me to a nephrologist (kidney doctor) he knows and likes. He even called me at home tonight to see how my mom had reacted to the news and to tell me he'd talked to the nephrologist about me and that he'd be calling after my appointment to see how it went. I really, really appreciated that. My blood pressure was pretty close to normal, so hypertension is not a concern, which is good. Obviously, Marcus and I have a lot of questions, but we'll deal with things as they come. Some people live with the disease and never have any problems. We'll keep you posted.

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