Tuesday, April 29, 2008


*Disclaimer: This is about American Idol.
*Disclaimer 2: "WHY?" Should be pronounced like Matthew McConaughey says it in "Contact."

1. Why is Jason Castro (dubbed "Goose Doo Doo Head" by my husband) still around? EVERYTHING sounds the same!

2. Why don't they take away whatever Paula is apparently drinking/snorting/swallowing/sniffing before the show!?!? She thought she'd heard Goose Doo Doo Head sing 2 songs when everyone had only done their first songs. She seems more drunk every week. Lay off the Liquid Paper fumes, Paula.

3. Why did Brooke write lyrics on her hand if SHE IS PLAYING THE PIANO??????? Go home, Brooke, go home.

4. Why were there not more shots of the violinist wearing sunglasses? She was awesome. Especially since she also seems to be wearing biker shorts.

5. Why is David Archuletta dressed like he's in the Jailhouse Rock video? And why does everything he sings lately sound like "Up With People?" His version of "Coming to America" sounded like show choir. Why are the judges wearing blinders where he's concerned? (I do like the kid, but I don't think he's always perfect...but he is probably going to win.)

6. Why has Syesha stopped wearing shoes? Don't wear fancy dresses if you're not gonna wear shoes.

7. Why don't they just send everyone home and let the Davids battle it out? I'm officially for David Cook, by the way. I voted for him 24 times. He is my American Idol boyfriend. (not to be confused with my Show Boyfriend, Chris Sarandon, my Music Boyfriend, Bono, or my husband, Marcus.)


Heather said...

Hahaha- its like you are IN my head! Everything you said, I swear, I was thinking!! It's so funny. And for the record- David Cook cannot be your boyfriend- He belongs to me! Haha.. anyway...good to see yall this week! Can't wait until its on a more regular basis!!

Eileen said...

Ha ha, I like this post, especially your rundown of your Boyfriends.