Thursday, April 17, 2008

And now for something completely different!

Marcus and I have done a lot of things together. We've visited casinos (what does it say about me that I mentioned that first?), gone to college and graduate school, worked in West Virginia, lived in the city that never sleeps, gotten married, honeymooned in the Florida Keys, made a little person, cooked tacos, and lots of other cool things. But we've never bought a house before. And in case you couldn't tell, we're freaked out.

It's 11:24 on Thursday evening. At 4 in the morning, the Marjen household will pack up our Dodge car and head out for the Great Alabama House Hunt of 2008. Lord help us. We have about a zillion houses to look at and only 5 days in which to see them all with Phil, our realtor. Fortunately, my parents will be joining us on Thursday evening. Our brains should be sufficiently fried by then and I, for one, will be good and ready for a hug from my Mommy and Daddy. My dad, who gets a kick out of watching me handle stressful situations, should be in for a real treat.

I'm taking the computer with me in hopes of posting daily updates. Hopefully our hotel will have internet access. Be sure to check back to laugh at, uh I mean read about our adventures!


Art Nerd said...

Best wishes! I hope to be joining you in the ranks soon-ish. These baby-things are expensive!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! :) Your blog and baby are completely adorable, btw!! heehee Looking forward to putting a package together for you :)