Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Next thing you know he'll want the car keys

Dean did a very un-Dean-like thing a little while ago. We had been on a very long, relaxing walk to drop off some old clothes at the Salvation Army and enjoy the sunshine, then we came home for a story book and a bottle. I could tell he was getting sleepy by his new "I'm sleepy" move, which is holding the sides of his head with his hands. (most adorable thing ever, by the way) After about 3 minutes, he started jerking his arms, which means crying is inevitable. Usually that means he wants to be cuddled or needs his pacifier. Today, though, none of this would do. I could tell he was uncomfortable and getting frustrated, so I decided to try his swing to see if maybe a slight change of scenery would help. He stopped crying the second I strapped him in. This event, of course, nearly reduced me to a blubbering puddle, because all I could think was "OH MY GOD, MY BABY BOY IS GROWING UP AND DOESN'T NEED ME AND LOOK WHAT A BIG BOY HE LOOKS LIKE IN HIS SHORT-SLEEVED ONESIE AND PANTS!" He promptly went to sleep holding the sides of his head, as if to shut out my crazed inner-monologue.

Deano going to sleep is usually quite a blessing in the middle of the day. It allows me to get many a chore done that I just can't be bothered with when he's awake needing a song or a story or just a good dose of Mommy humor. (who knew me sticking my tongue out was so funny?) His new little bout of independence prompted a trip down memory lane.
I remember when:
*A shower was a daily occurrance that, when lasting more than five minutes, did not feel like someone rewarded you with a trip to the spa.
*I wore makeup.
*My jeans zipped and buttoned. (yes I"m still wearing maternity jeans. They are comfy.
9 months on, 9 months off. Give me a break.)
*I could wash dishes any time of day.
*I could eat whenever I got hungry.
*I could drink coffee first thing in the morning without having to worry about dripping it on someone's head while he nursed.
*I worked outside my home and often enjoyed it.
*A simple outing did not involve a stroller with a windscreen, a diaper bag or a baby bjorn.

Of course, all this was before the moment in the picture to your right happened and I fell hopelessly in love with the sweetest little 6 pound guy in the world. I wouldn't go back for all the tea in China.

PS: As I was about to hit "Post," guess who woke up needing to be held and sung back to sleep? Guess he still needs his mommy after all. <3

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