Thursday, April 10, 2008


Oh, spring has come at last to NYC! (of course the forecast says it's going to rain all weekend, but give me my moment, won't you?) I love spring, always have. It rejuvenates my mind and body and brings back fantastic memories of springs-gone-by. Gone are the grey, dreary days of winter, melted is the snow, no more do I have to wear boots and a coat. My body, by the way, rejects coats, having grown up in the south and never having needed a real coat before I moved to Ithaca, New York at the tender age of 24. Talk about one extreme to another! Mr. Dean and I celebrated the gorgeous weather by going into Manhattan to have lunch with Kitty and Vikram in Bryant Park. It was packed, others obviously as excited as we were about the sunshine and high-60s temperature. Dean was his usual charming self, flirting with passers-by and girl babies.

Did you notice I put a link in that last paragraph? You can click it and learn all about Ithaca! Yes, it took me this long to figure out how to do that on my blog. I am intimidated by the little buttons.

Before I was a mommy, today would have prompted me to run to the nearest nail salon for a pedicure to ready my tootsies for sandal season. Now, however, I don't think I should force my 13 week old (Oh my gosh, he's 13 wks. old!) to sit in a tiny space getting high on acetone fumes while Mommy gets her toes painted bright pink. (shameless plug for OPI Japanese Rose Garden --greatest bright pink toe color ever! Again with the links--I'm outta control!) Rather than my inaugural pedicure to welcome springtime, today I opted to shave my legs while Dean took a nap, something I'm sure my husband will appreciate. (Who am I kidding? He probably won't even notice!)

So tell me, friends, how do you ring in springtime? Pedicures? Ice cream from the truck? Inquiring minds want to know.


meredith said...

Pulling out the skirts and cropped pants and sleeveless shirts! Oh, and in honor of you, I got a pedicure from Mama Gee (she is Korean and I think her American name is Ana but I like to give them "special names" not ones that I would call them to their face but it makes more sense then calling her Joan) on Tuesday night. Heavenly!!!

Heather said...

Springtime in Alabama started a little earlier than up for the past few weeks, I put on my swimsuit at EVERY sunny free moment I have and lay out on my back deck! I love the sun- It makes me happy. I also love evening jogs this time of year. The air is still cool enough that you don't feel like you're dying, but warm enough to feel really nice. I love tank tops and crops- flip-flops and painted toes....Spring is pretty much my favorite time of year!