Friday, February 29, 2008

We're pooped!

Heh, heh, that title takes on a whole new meaning when you have an 8 week old. Especially when he wakes you up at 2am with a "special prize" for you in his diapee...

Here's Dean on his changing table with is best stuffed pal, Cow. Cow showed up in my Christmas stocking this year. If you pull her tail, she shakes. When I pulled her out of my stocking on Christmas morning, I never dreamed she'd become a staple in our household, keeping our baby company at every diaper change. She likes to sit on top of the wipes. He stares at her intently while we change him. We also sing little songs about Cow. Yay, Cow.

For the record, I saw Dr. Shepard today, who does NOT look like McDreamy, by the way, and I don't have chronic hypertension. :):):) My blood pressure's been weird since I gave birth, but now seems to be leveling out. This could be due to the fact that :
a. I finally feel like a real human being again and I actually started going back out in public this week
b. Marcus and I have stopped adding salt to our food. Do you know how hard that is for a southerner? Yeah, you do.

Dean went to work with Daddy today while I went to the doctor. He was babysat by the lovely and talented Julia, one of Marcus's students. He is becoming quite the social butterfly. Speaking of which, he nad I will leave Tuesday morning to visit my mom and dad for 2 weeks! (I'll be at the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Chattanooga the first weekend, where Marcus and I will be helping with the hiring for TWV...did I tell you this already?) Please pray for us on the airplane. I tried to pick the worst seat on the plane so that no one would sit next to me. We'll see how that goes. I'm bringing him a pacifier and a bottle for takeoff and landing. If anyone has any other suggestions about how to make travelling with a tiny one more comfortable, please share. Every time I get nervous or freaked about it, I think about my poor, dear mother-in-law traveling from Japan to America with a 4 year old Marcus and a 1 year old Michael BY HERSELF. I think I can handle 3 hours.

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meredith said...

Benadryl, lots of benadryl. ;)