Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello from the colic monster and his sleepless minions!

Oh, y'all. Somebody cure the colic. When it's 4am and all three of us are crying, life ain't too grand. It breaks my heart when he cries and nothing we do can console him. I sang showtunes to him for 2 hours yesterday, which mildly amused him. I'm going to have to expand my repertoire--I made it all the way to Tell Me On A Sunday, so you know I was reaching.

Here's a picture of Dean enjoying tummy time. As you can see, it relaxes him. Or he's just really over-stimulated by all the stuff on the mat. The world may never know.

Marcus's mom and dad (Grandmama and Pappy) are coming tomorrow! We are uber excited because a. no one really ever gets to come visit us and b. we can hand off Baby Dean. I feel a tad guilty that I am so excited to hand my baby off to someone else, but all the books and the pediatrician have said "Make sure you get a break from your colicky baby from time to time." I think it will do wonders for all of us. We may even get to go grocery shopping. I know one thing, I am going to renew my love affair with my container of Clorox wipes and give my bathroom and kitchen a good scrub-down!

I turned 31 on Wednesday. It feels good. I feel older, probably because it's my first birthday as someone's mommy. Fortunately, I didn't have the middle of the night freak-out this year. Last year, on the eve of turning 30, I frantically emailed my friend Eileen and said "I feel like I should wake up tomorrow and be wise." I did not wake up wise, but I did have a spiffy birthday party at Daniel's house where we served several tasty recipes with cheese as the main ingredient. I have no idea where I was going with this paragraph, so I'll just tell you that Kitty kept Dean for us on my birthday (THANK YOU, KITTY!!) so Marcus and I could eat at Red Lobster. It was so good. SOOO good. And it was nice for both of us to make it through a meal without having to pick up a fussy baby. But by the time the check came, we were both ready to see that sweet face and get a little baby cuddle. No matter how cranky he is, he's still our boy and we kind of adore him. :)

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Eileen said...

Boy, time flies! I remember that party at Daniel's well!!! That was B.D.=Before Dean.