Friday, December 5, 2008

Our last "months-old" birthday

My little boy is 11 months old today. I say little boy because he is seeming less like a baby every day. I wish I could bottle moments with him to save forever. This age (all of babyhood, really) is so precious and is flying by so fast. I try to remember everything he does so I can tell him about it later, but I'm sure I'll forget so much. I want to remember how he smells, what it feels like when he gives me an open-mouthed kiss on the cheek, his two teeth scraping against my skin, the sound of his laugh when I blow on his belly. I know one day soon, he won't let me kiss his feet or nibble his earlobes. He won't want me around when he takes a bath (and GOD FORBID I sing "the song" when he's 5 years old!). Other things I want to remember:
*Dean LOVES tags. He would rather play with tags than whatever the tags are on. When we put his crib together, we cut all the tags off and gave them to him to play with. He was in Heaven. Christmas may be very easy this year...
*His favorite thing in the world to watch is "Don't Forget The Lyrics." He thinks they are singing to him. Dean doesn't watch a lot of TV, but he perks up whenever he hears a song, so this show is lots of fun for him.
*Whenever he's so cranky I can't console him with books, I log onto Youtube and play a classic Sesame Street video of Grover singing with Madeline Kahn. He LOVES this song.
*It is apparently hilarious whenever I put the binky in my mouth the wrong way so that he can come up and grab it from my mouth the right way. Unsanitary? Perhaps. Adorable? Definitely.
*He has this cute little shriek he does whenever he sees other kids. He gets so excited. I hope he's always a social being.
*If I can get a belly laugh out of him, I will keep doing whatever brought about said belly laugh until he's so bored with me that he just wanders away.
*I love that whenever he makes a new discovery or feels a new sensation, his eyebrows shoot up expressively.
*I love it when he wears footie jammies with animals on the feet.
*His hair is OUT OF CONTROL when he wakes up. Add his snaggle-toothed smile to that and how can you resist him?
*He sometimes sings in falsetto.
*He checks in with me. A lot.
I know soon he'll be into his own thing and I'll go back to work and our little Mommy-and-Dean Universe will not be the same, but these past few months have been amazing and I am so, so thankful to have my little boy.
I have to go stare at him while he sleeps now.


Anonymous said...

Hold on to all of those moments, you will soooo miss them later...
Your words reminded me of that feeling of pure joy that motherhood brings. I'm so glad that you've had this time home with him, my time with Chase was so very special. Those first few years are the best.

Auntie M

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean that my time with Heather wasn't special also, I just always regretted that I had to work through her first 7 years,
I feel that I missed out on so much with her.

Auntie M

Wendy's Mom said...

Yes the baby days will end and a lot faster than you will want them too. However, no matter what he does he will make you happy (or at least I hope he does. LOL!)
But remember you an always give Dean a little sister or brother someday so you can go through the baby days again. LOL!!


Lost A Sock said...

Aww, what a sweet guy he sounds like. I remember grieving KJ's 11 month milestone, because it arrives so much more quickly than we ever think possible, doesn't it?

AJU5's Mom said...

Tags - they are great until they have chewed on them - and then the are icky! And who is to say we can't go 13 month? Actually, I am planning on doing 15 and 18 months and then go to years...

Hotch Potchery said...

Let's see, my kids are 230 months, and 210 months old. It shows that they do grow so fast. Days old bleeds to weeks, to months, to years....

And I can tell you, when he hits a certain age, you won't WANT to nibble his toes...boys are kind of gross.

Anonymous said...

They do grow up so quickly. I mean, look at you! You're still my baby in my heart, though, and always will be. I cherish the memories of our days together when you were little. Every milestone is special and you can keep them in your heart.

I love the last comment about the toes. It's true!

Love you,

Surprised Suburban Wife said...


To all of it. And I agree that the counting in months goes a lot longer than the first 12...I'm planning to celebrate 23 and 46 and 52 months, dooce style.

Anonymous said...

Why not post a picture of him so everyone can see what he looks like at 11 months? :)


Heather said...

So, I'm not gonna lie... you kind of made me tear up a little. That was such a sweet post. :) I can't believe he's almost a year old already.