Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted

You know how sometimes you say you need a vacation at home? I got one! (more or less) My mom and dad brought Dean and me home with them this week to Oxford, MS, where we have been loved and pampered since our arrival. I have had 2 consecutive FULL NIGHTS OF SLEEP! I feel like a new person. I've only had to drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning to get going! And Dean? He's in the lap of luxury! He has his Grammy and Papa to entertain him so mommy can do things like work on her syllabus for next semester's classes and SLEEP!

My grandmother declared my wardrobe unfit and sent me shopping with her Belk credit card. Y'all...I bought a whole new wardrobe. And everything fits! It's not "Oh, I'll buy this six dollar pair of pants just to get me through until I lose five more pounds." It's clothes that fit my body now. And they are CUTE. And my shoes are not from Payless! I even sprung for new underthings. I'll post pictures soon.

It's been a good few days. Aside from the SLEEP, I've gotten to spend good, quality time with my mom, dad and grandmother, see lots of old friends, show Dean off to everyone, and I FINALLY got to meet Bradley, my mom's kidney donor! He's tall and red-headed. Dean loved him. It was great to finally get a chance to meet him and his wife, Nicole and give them both a big hug. I only cried on him a little, which I'm sure he appreciated.

Dean has been HYPER since we arrived and got so excited the other night that he spit up peas on me and my mom's white bedspread. Nice. He loves playing peek-a-boo with his Papa and his Grammy has taken excellent care of him at night. (So I can SLEEP!)

We'll be heading home on Saturday, so you'll hear more from me then. Right now, I'm going to get another fresh-baked cookie and cup of coffee. Because my mommy loves me. ;)


SSU said...

Sounds like a great time... I hope our Thanksgiving trip to see my husbands family gives me the break I need...

Heather said...

Yay! A post to read! FINALLY!!! Haha, I'm glad you're having a good time! Tell everyone I said hello and enjoy the rest of the week!! (And the cookies! YUM!)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there was internet in Mississippi! (just kidding) Have missed you this week on our walks, Loretta was on hyper-drive yesterday, I could barely keep up. Glad you're having a good time and getting some extra sleep. Have a cookie for me (I have to weigh-in tonight at WW)

Auntie M

Anonymous said...

From Grammy:

We're having the time of our lives with Jen and Dean here. The only thing missing is Marcus. Bummer he has to work and can't come play.

This week has passed by way too quickly!

Wendy's Mom said...

Enjoy your time away. Glad that Grammy is helping with Dean so you can get some well deserved sleep. LOL!!


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Sounds lovely!! And can your grammy call my Nana and give her some tips about good granmother-ing? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tips to Nana:

Enjoy every minute and love, love, love 'em!

Dean's Grammy