Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

My cousin Heather "tagged" me on her blog to write about six things that make me happy. That will not be hard and feels like a good thing to do on a Sunday morning.

1. Dean. He's better than I could have ever expected my child to be. I love him in a way I never understood was possible until he was here. He's nine months old today and it's hard to remember what my heart felt like before he was here. He amazes us every day with his new skills and bright smile. Good things do, indeed, come in small packages.

2. Marcus. I could not have picked a better life-partner, father for my child, or best friend. He is the perfect blend of goofiness and sensibility. He's practical and patient. And he makes really good tacos.

3. Weekends. Working in the theatre, weekends are usually the busiest time of your week, since you usually have two shows on Saturday and a matinee on Sundays. (Our day off is usually Monday) I had honestly forgotten how good it felt to have two whole days to just do what you wanted to do. Since moving to Montevallo, we've enjoyed our weekends SO much. We get up early (thank you, Dean) and visit garage sales, parks or community events. We watch football and eat good food. On Sundays, we read the paper, clip coupons, eat donuts and do our shopping. Today, we'll be planting an herb garden. I do love this slow, southern life.

4. Coffee. OH, how I love coffee. I totally lost my taste for it while I was pregnant, but am very much back on the bandwagon now. I wish I had back all the money I spent at Starbuck's while I worked at Lincoln Center, but oh, well.

5. The outdoors. I didn't grow up in a particularly "outdoorsy" family, but I have come to really appreciate the great outdoors. In New York, you are outside a lot by necessity, since you pretty much have to walk everywhere you go. Also, you apartment is so small that you will often do ANYTHING to just get out of there! I spent a lot of time in Central Park when I lived there. I would also sometimes get off the subway one stop early to walk and explore new neighborhoods. Now that we're in Alabama, we're enjoying the parks and downtown areas and are hoping to get out and hit some of the hiking trails this fall. And, of course, we like to spend time in outdoor football arenas. ;)

6. Christmas. This year's gonna be better than ever!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I forgot to put coffee on my list! I feel like a traitor to one of my very dearest friends. :)
And it was my mother with the "never hike alone" comment.
Have a great time planting an herb garden!!

SSU said...

I agree with most of your things, although I have never developed a taste for coffee. Husband, kids, weekends, etc are all great though.

Dad said...

A great addition to your Sunday routine would be "Go to Church".

See you Friday.


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

You had me at "coffee", which is probably the most reliable source of pleasure in my life! And "dean" of course - what a cutie! Happy 9 months:)