Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cold meds + Mommy brain = silly Jen

Thanks so much for all the sweet emails wishing Mr. Dean a speedy recovery! I'm happy to report he's on the mend! We are decreasing his breathing treatments by the day and he's back to his usual, charming self. He hung out with his Papa for a while today while Mommy got a nice long shower. Mom, Dad and I are still quite under the weather. My mom, voted the sickest of all of us and, for other obvious reasons, went to the doctor today. She got antibiotics and some heavy-duty cough syrup. She even came home bearing cold medicine for the rest of us. I should get really loopy here in a minute or two.

We are in the thick of hiring for our summer season at Theatre West Virginia. Marcus and I are really looking forward to getting back there and it looks like we're putting together a great staff for this summer. I'm looking forward to not having morning sickness during rehearsal every day. Dean is going to get sooooooooooo spoiled! (Like he's not already!) I'm sure "Baby Awesome" will be the company mascot this year. I imagine that, on my first day back at work, I'll take Dean with me and someone will take him from me that morning, probably Lou Ann or Ms. Gayle, and I will probably not see him again until the picnic dinner that night. And that's why we love's one big ol' happy family.

I PROMISE to post pictures as soon as we get home and get them developed. My digital camera died about a minute after I got to my parents' house and of course I didn't bring my charger. Thank goodness for disposable cameras, huh?

The cold medicine is kicking in now, so I'm gonna go watch the trippy screen saver. ;)

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