Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Transplant a Success!!!!

SHE"S DONE!!! And everything went perfectly. They said as soon as they attached Bradley's kidney, it pinked up and started working. She's doing so well that they are not even putting her in ICU or step-down tonight, she'll just go straight back to her hospital room. And Bradley is almost out of recovery and doing great. This is truly amazing, nothing short of a miracle. I feel like four years of stress has been lifted off our family. What a relief! Thank you, THANK YOU for all those who have kept up with our family through this journey. Your thoughts, prayers and good wishes are MUCH appreciated by all of us. Please feel free to share her story with anyone. It's definitely the most uplifting thing I've heard in a LOOONG time and to have experienced it is just beyond words.
Much love,

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Francesca said...

Jen - so glad to hear that the transplant was a success! Yippee! And congrats to you, too, by the way on the impending little one. Love to you and Marcus, and will keep you all in my prayers - Francesca