Thursday, December 27, 2007

T-Minus One Month

Hi, folks!
After receiving a couple of frantic emails from friends that said something to the effect of "You haven't blogged all week--is your mom ok? Did you have the baby?" I thought I should publish that all is fine with the Lanes. We are still in DC, currently awainting someone to show up at my in-laws' house to fix the crack in our poor windshield. We'll be heading back to NYC early tomorrow morning. I promise to post Christmas pictures then. And, though we didn't think it possible, I'm even BIGGER than before. :) Baby is due exactly one month from today, which is both the most wonderful and terrifying thing I can think of. I'm kind of miserable, but trying to stay very positive and remind myself to cherish every kick and squirm, even though it has me running to the bathroom every 15 minutes and getting up out of bed to walk around every hour. I feel my stretch marks have been proudly earned, though I'd like to beat up the people who SWORE that rubbing cocoa butter on my belly every day would prevent them. (not so much...) Marcus and I love this little person so much already...can't wait to see what it will be like to have him/her on the outside!

My mom is doing beautifully. If you google the Oxford Eagle, our hometown paper, she and Bradley were the cover story on Christmas Eve. It's a fantastic article. They were also on the news in Columbus, MS that night. Her recovery is going very well. She and dad are settled into their townhouse, which is attached to the hospital. She's eating well and loving life without dialysis! She sees the doctor today for a post-op visit. Bradley is also doing well. Last I heard, he was heading to Ripley, MS to visit his parents. I still can't believe it's all real. Christmas was great this year, but we really got our gift on the 19th when this surgery happened.

More to come when we get home!

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