Friday, October 12, 2007

What a week!

Oh, y'all. Y'AAAAAAAAALL. What a week this has been! Fortunately, it's almost over! Please forgive me, but I have to climb up on my soapbox for just a second. People who are not in theatre and have no idea how the professional theatre works should not try to produce their plays. There. I said it. I fully support them writing and expressing themselves in the form of drama, but stop trying to produce it yourself! If these people insist on producing their plays, and ESPECIALLY if they go to the trouble of having it sanctioned by Equity (the professional union for actors and stage managers), they should maybe think about listening to the professional artists hired to work on their little shows who DO THIS FOR A LIVING! I am working on a workshop. The playwright/producer knows exactly nothing about theatre. NOTHING. She thought the producer was supposed to tell the actors what to do onstage and the director did the schedule. She had no clue what the heck I did. So, needless to say, it's been an interesting week. Fortunately, the money is great and it'll be over after our performance upstate tomorrow. And she just called me to tell me I was right about several things. So that felt good. I can't wait til Sunday to sleep this thing off! (I just keep saying "This project is buying me a new rug and sleeper sofa...)
Thanks for letting me vent!

On Thursday, I had the fantastic opportunity to do some modeling! Kitty's friend Vikram from work is an aspiring photographer and he's taking a class. He had to do some portraits for class this weekend and wanted to work with a stranger. So we had a little "Jen and Baby" photo shoot in Bryant Park yesterday! I must say, this guy is a fantastic photographer and should really think about doing headshots for actors. He made me so comfortable and though I haven't seen any of his shots yet, I think he really captured my personality in the pictures. Marcus and I are going to have him do some of us in late November and then some of the baby once he/she arrives.

The picture above is me in the overalls Marcus got me last week. The frog's from my mom and he's sooooooooo soft! We are officially six months along, by the way. :)

This weekend presents the ultimate football dilemma for me: Ole Miss vs Alabama. My school ties make me a loyal Bama fan, but a big part of my heart will always belong to the Rebels. (they're having a crappy season, though...) So, in all fairness, I say: HOTTY TODDY and ROLL TIDE!

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