Monday, October 22, 2007

Tomorrow's Tuesday!

It's been kind of a yes-no thing with The View over the past week or so. At first, I was scheduled to go to a taping on Oct.30. The entire audience was going to be pregnant women and it was going to serve as a baby shower for Elisabeth. Well, Elisabeth announced one day last week that she was taking her maternity leave early. So they cancelled the Oct. 30 taping and invited second-time pregnant moms to her last show on Oct. 23. I just figured, Oh, well, I won't get to go. (Ok, I was much whinier than that, but you get the point.) Imagine my delight when Ani, the promotions manager called me and invited me to the Oct. 23 taping! So tomorrow I get to go to the View again and get baby loot! Everybody pray for a stroller. The one we originally registered for doesn't fit our carseat...

I subbed for a rehearsal at NYU yesterday. My friend Richard is their stage manager and he had to go to a wedding. As we sat around the table analyzing the script for 5 hours, I realized that all MFA graduate classes essentially have the same cast of characters. I could pick out exactly which one of them was each member of my own grad class and the classes before and after mine. You have the class clown, the wanna-be intellectual who really hasn't read the material and just spouts stuff, frustrating the rest of us, the guy who's always late and always gets stuck playing really small roles, the leading man, the take-charge girl...they're all there. It was a fun day and they were a nice group. And it was easy, easy work. (Once people see you're pregnant, they won't let you do anything physical. Including open the door. Which is a little much.)

Marcus' show at school, ALL IN THE TIMING, starts tech this weekend. He's had his share of challenges and, at last count, had had to recast 4 roles. I did some prop shopping for him this week. I was excited because I got to go to the big Halloween store at Union Square. The funny part is that Kitty and I were meeting at Babies R Us that day to add some stuff to my registry and I had to carry in a big bag containing a plastic skull, a plastic axe, a punk-rocker wig and a retractable knife. I'm sure they were thinking "wow, she'll be a fun mom!" We'll both be glad when this one's up, running, and over so he can be home more. Looks like he won't have to teach in the winter intersession, which is great because that means he'll be home when baby makes his/her appearance.

Baby learned a new trick. It must be getting cramped in there, because we are now pushing our shoulder (I think) against mommy's stomach. It makes a very strange, bulging bump on my belly and is sort of painful if baby does it for too long. Maybe we'll get to see the outline of a foot before little one emerges. I still think I'm going to pop before late January...

Pregnancy gives you fantastic hair and skin, by the way. I'm just sayin.

Finally, thanks so much to everyone for sharing our joy this week when we got the news of my mom's kidney donor. (I sent out a big email--if you haven't gotten the news and are interested, please let me know--I"d be thrilled to repeat it!!)

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