Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The View mommy to be show

When I was invited to be a part of the all-pregnant-moms audience for the taping of THE VIEW today, I hoped we might get one big item, like a stroller or something. My big dream was that they might somehow be kind enough to give us a lot of diapers. Imagine my surprise when I walked out of there with $3200 worth of baby goods! That's right folks. They hooked us up beyond our wildest dreams. At the first break, we got a year's worth of Dreft detergent. At the next break, a year of free Huggies diapers. The prizes kept coming as Elisabeth showed us her "Must-Haves" for raising a baby. And we all got one of each. The final segment of the show brought the creme de la creme--The Celebrity Bump Bag. It's full of gift certificates, ranging in value from $5 to $250 for everything from a pack n play to free t-shirts. I could not believe it. Fortunately, they gave us gift certificates for the really big items, like the CAR SEAT!! But you should have seen all the pregnant ladies trying to lug these huge blue bags of crap out of there! I had to take a cab home. It was amazing! We have been so blessed, between the wonderful stuff Marcus's brother and sister in law are handing down from Adam and now this! See below for a more detailed list of swag. Wow.
1 year supply of Huggies Diapers, plus free wipes and other Huggies items
1 year free Dreft detergent
Britax car seat (good for up to 40 lbs. and designed for compact cars!)
Ergo Baby Carrier and bunting insert
Stork Sack bag
Duo Double Diaper Bag (converts into a messenger bag and has a changing pad inside!)
On the go Potty
Hooter Hider :)
3 books
Stationery sample pack from Boatma Geller
Rainforest Bouncy Seat and Swing (incidentally, this is the pattern we're using and have on our registry! Fate, I say...)
$250 gift card for "How Fast They Grow" which is like snapfish for making digital photo albums.
Snack trap bowls
Mabel's Labels (2 sets!) sticky labels
Baby Crazy diaper bag organizers
PLUS the "Celebrity bump bag" has about 30 gift certificates for everything from free t-shirts, bibs, a robe, Stride Rite shoes, Gourmet Snacks, 50 free baby announcements and more. My Favorite one is from safety first and entitles you to a free digital thermometer, baby monitor AND an Eddie Bauer pack n play!!!!

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