Thursday, August 16, 2007

A vacation within a vacation

Marcus and I vowed to try and view our summer gig as a little "Vacation." Well, that's been kinda hard, considering we've worked our fannies off producing 3 shows and growing a baby! But we have enjoyed being in WV, which seems a world away from NYC. We are getting very ready to head home and get moved and start nesting for baby, though. Last week, the Lanes from Virginia came to visit, bringing a little vacation with them! We did lots of fun stuff, from visiting state parks to the WV State Fair, and lots of fishing. It was great to see the family, especially little Adam, who is growing by leaps and bounds. It's very cool that our baby's birthday will be so close to his. It's like getting a preview of what's in store!

My favorite thing we did all week was the West Virginia State Fair. It's been years since I've been to a fair, but I grew up going to the one in Mississippi every year. We looked at the livestock. We ate snow cones. We watched a sea lion show. They went to the circus, but since clowns terrify me, Marcus and I played bingo! Mostly, we enjoyed the sights, smells and free gifts, which included cardboard fans, magnets and fly swatters.

We also visited Hawk's Nest State Park, which is about an hour from where we live. They have a little air tram that goes down into the gorge, then you can get on a jet boat. Well, I did ok until about lunch time. After I ate, baby decided to act up and I got really sick for the first time in several weeks. We thought it best that I skip the jet boat, so Marcus brought me home to nap. Just another state park I've thrown up in, I guess. Perhaps I should make myself a scrapbook.

The pictures this week are of my belly, which has suddenly become round, and a really cute one of Adam, now 6 months old and wearing an Alabama onesie. (He has good taste.) We get our sonogram on Monday, so check back early next week for the first picture of baby Lane!!!!!

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Cuteness all around!