Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One more month!

Greetings to all! We are a month away from returning to NYC and are really starting to look forward to it. All the shows are up now, so we've got much more free time. Last Monday we went fishing on Bluestone Lake, which was nice. We didn't catch much. We were also attacked by a swarm of moths, which I could have done without. This week, we had a doctor's appt. and we got to hear the baby's heart again! Everything checked out and we're all doing well. I've gained a big 3 pounds. As we were listening to the heartbeat, we heard this WHOOSH sound and the midwife said "it just moved!" Very, very exciting. Can't wait to feel a kick! We go for a sonogram in 3 weeks.

And for the record, in case you haven't heard it from us before, we ARE NOT finding out what we're having! We realize that few people do it this way anymore, but Marcus wants to have the opportunity to come out of the delivery room and say "It's a...." to our families. I also think not knowing will give me a good goal for labor and delivery. Hopefully knowing that I"m just a few pushes away from knowing what kind of baby we've got will help me through the rough patches. Of course, those who know me know that I will be on as many drugs as they can give me in good conscience, SO...

We have a lead on a new apt. for when we go back to NYC. Everyone please pray that this works out, if it's the right thing for us. It's a 2 bedroom in Jackson Heights, perfectly in our price range, and it's currently being renovated. My best friend Kitty found it for us (it's her landlord's other property) and it sound perfect. We'll look at it when we get back. Woo hoo!

Marcus is making tacos for some of us today, so we'd better start chopping veggies and grating cheese! Your picture of the week is a lovely early morning view of Bluestone Lake.

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Daniel said...

Justen and I were talking about you guys not finding out the sex. I was like--I can't believe they are waiting. He said that it was stupid to find out--that thats the way everyone did it just a few years ago. Then I said, oh yeah and agreed. Congrats for waiting. I just expect that you will get lots of yellow things at your shower. Oh,. and PS...get home soon.