Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby's first photo shoot

Today was ultrasound day! Actually, our appointment was for tomorrow, but I screwed up the days, so was ultrasound day! Tomorrow will be doctor appt. day. Seeing our baby for the first time was nothing short of incredible. I, naturally, cried immediately. Marcus held it together pretty well. We learned a lot about little Baby Awesome, as our co-workers are calling it. He/she weighs 7 oz., has a normal sized head, IS due around Jan. 27, and has quite the stubborn streak! (We have no idea where this could have come from...) Every time the technician would try to get a shot of the face, baby would turn its back to us. Once, a fist came up to the face, then moved, the baby swallowed, then turned around. They even tried turning me around, but baby turned flips. Marcus tried to sing to it to see if it would turn (baby has an affinity for Les Miserables), but it didn't work. Already messing with mom and dad. Gee, the teenage years should be a pleasure...
In the ultrasound photo above, you can see the baby, face down, spine up. It's a serioulsy cute baby and it has 160 days to get cuter before we meet him/her! Oh, and forget finding out what we're having. As Marcus put it, the baby said, "If I won't let you see my face, you think I"m gonna let you look at those parts?!?!" Not so much. :)

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Eileen said...

Yay. Baby Lane's first headshot! Reluctantly.