Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yee Haw

Hello, friends!
Our first week of shows is winding down here at good ol' TWV. Everyone's starting to get used to each other and the shows are falling into a good rhythm. Honey In The Rock is mercifully short. Hatfields and McCoys, the one Marcus directed, is looking pretty fantastic. Technically, it's a VERY busy show, which keeps me on my toes. We are all looking forward to our first day off in over 2 weeks, coming on Monday. Then it's back to it as we head into another full week of shows PLUS start rehearsals for GREASE on Friday! Marcus is getting up to go fishing at 6am with one of our electricians. I will be asleep. I wish them well.

Today we had lunch at a little Cajun restaurant we found a couple of towns over. It is the only Cajun restaurant in WV. It was all kinds of good! Authentic spices, tasty crawfish, excellent shrimp and great side-items. Nice job, Gumbo's of Fayette--we'll be back!

Baby Lane had an unhappy morning, pretty much rejecting anything Mommy tried to feed him/her. We perked up a little once we were fed Cajun food. I wore my pregnant pants for maximum expansion capabilities. :) For those keeping up with such things, Baby is now the size of a kidney bean. We get to hear the heartbeat on July 2!!!!!!

The picture of the week is my assistant, Megan, and I checking the props before Honey In The Rock opening night. It's has been voted the best picture taken so far this summer.

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Eileen said...

Y'all better churn butter and play the washboard to your hearts' content.