Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey, everyone! We finished tech for Marcus's show tonight and we are TIRED! We just finished a four-day strech of 10/12s. (For those not in the theatre, those basically mean looooong days.) Our first show opens on Tuesday, then Marcus's opens on Wednesday. We are VERY ready for them to be open so we can sleep.

On the baby front, thing are going well! My belly popped out a little overnight. It's the weirdest thing. We're 7 weeks along now and, according to babycenter.com, baby is the size of a raspberry, has elbows, organs, eyelids and a brain and can move around. And is making mommy sick as a dog. Seriously, the morning sickness can stop at any time. I've been trying my best to keep a full stomach, which helps, but sometimes it gets the better of me. Baby craves McDonald's and will not let me start my day without grease. I got sick in the middle of rehearsal this afternoon, then had a BBQ pork sandwich for dinner and actually felt better. SO STRANGE! But at least we get a cute baby out of the deal.

Here's your picture of the week. This was taken off our back deck. It's a gorgeous West Virginia rainbow after a rainfall. The red poles mark the ski slope. It is incredibly beautiful here and we have seen our fair share of wildlife. Tonight on the way home we saw a fox, 2 deer, a groundhog and something we couldn't quite identify. Tomorrow we are hoping to eat at Restaurant. That's what it's called. Restaurant. It's attached to an Exxon station. People say it's good . If it's greasy, Baby will be happy.


Eileen said...

A fetus who craves Mickey D's, a lovely rainbow, and "something we can't quite identify" all on one post! LOVE IT!

Daniel said...

Have you started piping Elton John into the womb yet? You know. its never too early