Saturday, June 2, 2007

Greetings from West Virginia

Hello, everyone!!!
Yes, we are still alive. It took us this long to get internet. Seriously. But we are wired now and PROMISE to actually start doing "picture of the week" as soon as we find the little cord you hook up from the camera to the computer. :)

Well, a LOT has happened since we arrived in West Virginia! Our 3 bedroom condo is AMAZING! It's so weird to have all this space. We will go into culture shock when we get home to NY. Work is good. Jen Lane, who has not driven in about three years, got lost about twice a day the first week. Once Marcus got here, things got better. He drives everywhere...probably for the best. The scenery is beautiful and serene and it's SO quiet! We are also re-discovering things like seeing bunnies hop through your yard, smelling fresh-cut grass and going to Wal-Mart, where you can find anything. Really. Anything.

We moved to the park on Friday (the theatre is in a National Park) and have been doing some looooong days of spacing/singing/stage combat/gun safety and the like. Thankfully, the weather has been pretty kind. It poured on us yesterday for a few minutes, but that cooled it down, so we didn't mind. We head into tech next week, then open our first 2 shows the 12th and 13th. Then we collapse for a day before starting rehearsals for GREASE. The fun never stops!

The biggest news we have since last we wrote is that (wait for it.....wait for it...) we are going to
have a baby!!!! It's true! We found out about a week ago and went to the doctor on Thursday to get everything checked out. We're about 6 weeks along and are due on January 27. (Poor Marcus will have to live with 2 Aquarians.) We could not be more thrilled. For those who have met our neighbors, you understand that this is great timing so that we can be away from them for several months! We will, obviously, be moving as soon we get back to NYC. (everyone keep your ears open!) Our families are very excited and VERY ready to welcome the new addition. SO there you go! Surprise! We'll keep you posted on the ever-swelling belly. I kind of feel like I"ve been invaded by a sweet little alien. And I can't eat bell peppers anymore. Pregnancy is weird.

Hope all's well in your corner of the world!
Jen, Marcus and Baby Lane :)

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