Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why hello there!

Greetings from the Lanes! This blog is intended to allow us to keep in touch with the people we love no matter where they are located. The idea came when we signed on to work this summer at Theatre West Virginia. The plan is to post at least one picture each week and to keep everyone up to date on our adventures as they happen. We start there in mid-May.

In the meantime, we've got a busy month ahead of us, as Jen wraps up the Off-Broadway run of WIDOWER'S HOUSES and Marcus produces the ten-minute play festival at his school.

Just to pique your interest, future blog posts are almost sure to include:
1. Our nephew Adam. He's adorable and we love him. A lot.
2. Our neigbors. We DON'T love them.
3. Marcus's pet peeve about people not refilling the ice cube tray and Jen's annoyance at people who do not replace the twist-tie on the bread.
4. Our jobs, which we love, but which sometimes make us go bonkers.
5. American Idol. Our mothers got us addicted.

We hope you will visit our blog many times.
Marcus & Jen

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Eileen said...


*first comment dance!*

What a great idea, and what a fetching picture of you both! I've added you to my blog-updates list.

To blogging!