Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in Blacks

Stage blacks, that is. Which is why I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I've missed it. Anyway, our first two shows are open and we're in rehearsals for High School Musical right now. We start rehearsing Cinderella on Friday. No rest for the weary. Things have been good, though a little more interesting than I'd have preferred in some cases. Here's what's been up:

*Tech rehearsals and opening for our first 2 shows went well. There were some very late nights and some moments of "Wow, I want to pull my hair out," but all went well.
*I've already had understudies go on. It's super early in the season for that, but they did a nice job.
*I can't give any details on this, but it's my blog and I want to mention that I had my first experience with terminating an employee last week. I hope I never, ever, EVER have to do that again.
*I am wearing a High School Musical t-shirt right now. HOT.
*I finally got to make a surprise appearance in Honey in the Rock. There's a scene called Guinea Station, which takes place in a hospital camp during the Civil War. I put on a Confederate uniform the other night and went on as a wounded soldier. Marcus was already onstage laying on the ground, so I spooned him (We were waaaaaaaay upstage out of the light.). Quite fun.
*Dean Lane started cereal! He's like "MOOOOOOOOM! Where has this been all my little life!?!?!" He's so cute with his little cereal beard. Pictures to be posted soon.
*We had Fiesta Night last night with our pals, the Hights. There was an absolutely obscene amount of food, including Marcus tacos, Lola Fajitas and Lee salsa. MMMMMMMMMMM. There was also a pinata, as there should be at all fiesta experiences.

That's kind of what's up in our neck of the woods. Check back soon to hear all about the cool package I received all the way from Hong Kong as a part of the Bloggy Friend Swap.


Anonymous said...

oOoOo does that mean you finally got it?? ;)

I hope you can read my writing!!

meredith said...

You should totally have AC/DC's Back in Black playing on your blog in honor of your most recent post :)
Glad y'all are doing well. When am I going to see pics of the new house? Give my love to Dean & Marcus!