Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I could eat candy and watch HGTV, but that would be counter-productive.

Ok. Scroll down to yesterday's entry with the pictures. Look at the 4th one. (Dean sacked out) That has been our day. He took an hour-long nap this morning and is currently down for the count again! I look at these naps as God's little gifts to me. It's my first day at home alone with the little guy since the wreck. (whiplash doing better, thanks. Haven't had a muscle relaxer since Sunday. Thank you, Lord, for rapid-release Tylenol!) We've had a full day involving pureed apples and butternut squash, a bath with brand-new bath toys, several storybooks and some time with our new giraffe ring stacker. I even got to eat lunch while he snoozed. I ordered a booster seat for Dean yesterday (Rainforest collection, of course) and am looking forward to its arrival. We've been feeding him in his bouncy chair and it's KILLING my back!

So now comes the time when Jen reaches out to her internet friends. Tell me, moms of all ages, how long did it take you to feel like yourself again after the arrival of your bambino(s)? I have not felt like myself lately, and this accident on Friday was kind of the tip of the iceberg. Marcus keeps telling me it's hormones and stress and to give myself a break. My mom friends tell me that it's learning to re-prioritize things now that I'm a mom. I'm having a rough time separating work from home, no doubt because of the insane hours we keep and the fact that I work with my husband. (and Dean is with us at work some nights) I know Dean is healthy and happy. He loves being around lots of people. He's the life of the party. I, however, feel like I'm hanging on by a thread most days. There has been a LOT of stress at work this season, more than I think any of us expected. We joke a lot among the production staff that we sometimes feel like we spend more time dealing with off-stage drama than we do dealing with the shows. And that takes its toll on you when it's your job to mediate the drama, help solve the problems and keep the peace.

If you've been there, tell me how you coped with life "on and off stage!"

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Anonymous said...

Hhrm. This is a toughie, since "feeling like yourself" may actually be an impossibility, in that having a baby and being a mother has changed you. I don't think you can go back, excatly...but that's not necessarily a bad thing, if you decide to embrace it.
Physically, even though I was still breastfeeding (and therefore hormonal to a degree) I felt "myself" again around my son's first birthday. Emotionally/mentally, I'm still working on it, and he's 2! I'm growing right along with him, I suppose, and learning new things about myself and my reactions to tough situations and my marriage as we go.
Career and time/management-wise, I think it all gets easier around 18 months, when the baby becomes more independent--can walk well, doesn't need so much physical contact with you, and has a solid, more adult sleeping schedule. But it's ALWAYS a balancing act.
And it sounds like your career will pose some interesting challenges--but what an interesting kid you'll raise in such an environment. So cool!