Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby Big Head

I saw Dr. Moritz today. I have gained 10 pounds since my last visit, for which I got in trouble. :( oops. But I'm healthy and, fortunately, all the weight is in my belly, mostly comprised of amniotic fluid and our giant child! Baby weighed in at 2 pounds 13 oz. A quick sonogram showed that his/her head is measuring at 31 weeks! (I'm 28 weeks along.) After a quick review of the anatomy of birth, the doctor admitted that any baby coming out of me would be big, but this one is looking like it could turn out to be a porker. He said we'll see how things go because the body can do amazing things during labor. (This is when I asked "So when can I get the epidural?") The coolest thing about the sonogram is that I saw the baby's hair! It's got hair! The doctor told me to laugh or cough to shake up my belly and it's little hair floated like it was blowing in the breeze. I want to brush it. Baby is now head-down (who knows if it'll stay that way), which is more comfortable for mom. The feet on the bladder were killing me. As of now, we are leaving the due date where it is. And I have to stop eating cookies.

It was a big day at the doctor. I had to drink the nasty glucose potion, which isn't as bad as they say. Mine tasted like a flat orange soda. Don't get me wrong, it was nasty, but it could've been worse. Delsa the nurse gets kudos for doing the best blood draw EVER! I have one vein that you can get blood from and it is usually pretty uncooperative, but she got me on the first stick. I guess they will call me with the results of the glucose tolerance test. I'll let you know how it turns out. I also had my Rhogam shot. Rhogam is a shot they give mothers with Rh Negative blood so that, in case your baby has Rh positive blood, there won't be any problems. The problems would occur with the next pregnancy, as Rh positive blood in your system makes your body produce anitgens, so it would attack an Rh positive baby as if it were a foreign body. That's no good. So, I got a shot in my fanny, which now is very sore.

Now the BIG adventure that is the third trimester begins! We've got to do our classes, tour the hospital, get the apartment in order, pick a pediatrician and I should probably get a pedicure. (can't reach my feet) It's all becoming even more real and exciting! Plus it's almost Christmas. And you KNOW how I looooove Christmas!

Marcus's show ran with flying colors this past weekend! They hit their attendance goal, which means they can afford to do their next production, and everyone ended the run with a smile. Between shows on Saturday, the students surprised us with a baby shower! They gave us a bag of adorable clothes and other little baby items and an AmEx gift card, which we'll be using to buy our stroller. It was so touching to have them do this for us. We also started the baby poll. Everyone filled out a form guessing the weight, length, birthdate, gender, and time of birth for the baby, along with how many hours they think I"ll be in labor. (I hope the one that says "half an hour" wins!) Once the little Lane is here, we'll figure out who came closest, declare a winner and award a prize. If you want in, let me know. :)

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